10 best Windows XP game: golden oldies from 2001 to 2006




It’s 15 years since Windows XP lit up monitors with its idyllic green hills and welcoming blue interface.

XP had some mighty fine gaming chops and was the default option for PC gamers between 2001 and 2006, with many iconic titles released during its tenure. Whether in camp Nvidia or ATI, gamers had a blast.

Microsoft’s zombie-like OS may be dead as a dodo two years after the company stopped patching it with security updates, but the stats show that despite this 10.9% of computer owners are yet to upgrade to a newer platform.

Whether you fancy a trip down memory lane or are looking for a new adventure to embark on Microsoft’s rusty vessel, here are the 10 best games to have graced Windows XP.

1. Unreal Tournament


M-m-m-m-m-monster kill! Released in 1999, Unreal Tournament hit its stride in the XP years and was one of three first-person shooters played at the 2001 World Cyber Games (along with Quake 3 and Counter: Strike).

From the best sniping map of all time (that’s Facing Worlds, natch), to the Flak Cannon and its pioneering Assault Mode, UT99 had it all. Its futuristic multi-level arenas, frenetic mods (remember Instagib?) and snarky insults made for an addictive shooter that’s still played by a hardcore minority today.

Epic is co-developing a totally Godlike remake, IRC QuakeNet channel not included. (For shame.)