10 monster Pokémon Go battery packs to keep you juiced up


10 monster batteries for Pokemon Go

Battery packs for Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has quickly become the biggest smash hit mobile game of all time, but it’s one that rapidly drains a phone’s battery life. Players looking for ways to extend the life of their device during longer Pokémon hunts should choose a portable battery, but which one?

It’s all about size; go for something about 3,000mAh or less if you just want a top-up, 6,000mAh for a long day out, or 10,000mAh or over if you want to bullet-proof your battery status.

It’s also about connections; most batteries recharge via micro USB, which is annoying if you’re an Apple customer, though there are some exceptions. Unless sold in custom ‘made for Apple’ versions with built-in Apple Lighting cables, almost all battery packs have a USB port to plug in your normal charging lead.

There are traditionally two output levels: 1 amp and 2.1 amp, with the latter great for tablets and faster-charging phones, so have a look at what’s on there before purchase. Now, onto the best battery packs to keep you Pokémon Go-ing all day long.

Mophie Juice Pack: Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Mophie Juice Pack

Colors: Black, Gold | Official site

One of the easiest ways to make sure you never run out of juice while on a monster hunt is by wrapping your phone inside a layer of extra battery goodness, in the form of a case.

While various incarnations of the Mophie Juice Pack are available for various phones – though for Samsung and Apple devices only – this one for the Samsung Galaxy S7 (2,950mAh) and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3,300mAh) packs a decent amount of juice and is compatible with Charge Force for wireless recharging.

Odoyo Power+Shell EX

Odoyo Power Shell

Color: Mars | Official site

If you’re out Pokémon hunting, a battery case is probably the most convenient way to walk ‘n’ recharge, but while the likes of Apple and Mophie do these for the newer iPhones, owners of the iPhone SE/5S/5 are left a little short-changed.

Good value and with a handy built-in kick-stand for watching movies, this simple and lightweight case from Odoyo has a 2,200mAh battery, which is recharged via micro USB.

Techlink Recharge 5000 Ultrathin+


Colors: Gold/White, Silver/White, Space Gray/Black | Official site

If doubling the weight of your phone by adding an extra battery isn’t your thing, Techlink has come up with something to help out with the Ultrathin. With a 5,000mAh-rated battery inside, both its physical size and its battery are clearly designed for recharging an iPhone 6S Plus once over … then a little bit more.

Just 9mm thick, this example has a built-in Lightning cable, though it’s also available with micro USB and it comes with a leather pouch and charging cable. Available in gold/white, silver/white and space gray/black, it’s also available in a smaller version rated at 3,000mAh for the iPhone 6S.

Nomad Roadtrip

Nomad Roadtrip

Color: Black | Official site

What use is a cigarette lighter power adapter when you’ve got characters to catch? However, look beneath the bonnet of this in-car accessory and you’ll see that as well as being a 12V in-car adapter, it’s got a battery inside.

So while you drive around charging up your phone – via Roadtrip’s dual USB slots – it also refuels a 3,000mAh battery for a quick charge or two of a phone. Perfect for a pocket or handbag, it has four lights on the top to tell you much power is currently stored.

Zagg Power Amp 12

Zagg Power Amp

Color: Black | Official site

As well as providing power throughout a treasure hunt, this diminutive option will also get you home safely after dark. Doubling up as a flashlight, Power Amp 12 has a monstrous 12,000mAh battery inside its sleek shell, which should be enough for at least four recharges of most phones.

It’s equipped with two 2.4-amp USB outputs for quick recharging of phones and tablets; a built-in microchip automatically detects what kind of device you’ve attached, and recharges it as fast as possible.



Color: Black | Official site

If a bunch of you are planning to spend the rest of the summer searching the streets for animations, why not stop for a picnic in the park? That way you can rest-up and recharge using this tablet-sized solar panel-cum-battery.

Angled towards the sun to minimise charging time, Solartab can refuel phones and tablets via two USB slots. What’s more, it’s got a mammoth-sized 13,000mAh battery inside.

Choetech Portable Power Bank B611Q


Color: Black | Official site

If you’re an Apple kinda person, with an iPhone and Apple Lightning all over your life, why would you ever want to buy something that recharges over micro USB?

You wouldn’t, and you actually don’t have to if you look around. This great value power bank has an almighty 15,600mAh battery inside that’s good for days and days of top-ups, and recharges via either micro USB or Lightning cable (plus you can connect your own charger for other things too.

Innergie PocketCell Plus


Color: White | Official site

Sometimes it’s the little things that make one gadget easier to live with than another. In the case of this less-than-200g battery, some unusually curved edges make it easy to slide in and out of a pocket or handbag.

It’s tactile to the touch, too, though most importantly it has two 2.1-amp USB slots for really fast recharges of phones and tablets from its impressively large 6,000mAh battery.

LOGiiX Piston Power Beacon

Piston power Beacon

Color: Black/White | Official site

If nothing else, Pokémon Go is all about getting lost and finding things – it’s geocaching with an app. It appeals to outdoor types as well as urban-dwellers, both of whom will love this battery that doubles as a lantern after dark.

It clips to a belt, bag or tent loop using a top-mounted carabiner, and its 8,000mAh keeps the LED lights on for days on end. Weatherproof, it weighs just 280g.

Tylt Energi+ backpack

Tylt backpack

Color: Black | Official site

When Ghostbusters go after ghouls and spirits, they wear proton packs to power their energy weapons. You can take the same approach with Tylt’s Energi+ backpack; a whopping 10,400mAh battery pack sits inside this eminently practical daypack that’s ideal for urban wandering.

It features a cable pass-through system for keeping gadgets separate and cables untangled, as well as a hard shell pocket for sunglasses, plus 12 other pockets.


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