5 reasons to get down to the PC Gaming Show on June 13



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The personal computer received the attention it deserved at E3 last year thanks to PC Gamer’s The PC Gaming Show.

Returning for 2016, this year’s show promises to be bigger and better with a new line-up of triple-A titles, seasoned industry veterans and the opportunity to win more PC games than you could bunk off to play.

It kicks off at 11.30am PDT on June 13 and is being staged in The Theatre at Ace Hotel. Oh, and it’s free to attend. Click here to reserve your ticket, and if LA is too far away for you then you can watch the show unfold live on YouTube and Twitch.

Click (or tap) on ahead to find out what’s in store for this year’s show.

1. Last year’s show rocked

PC Gaming Show

2015’s PC Gaming Show featured a wide variety of participants who took to the stage to unload the skinny on games such as Total War: Warhammer and No Man’s Sky. Remember Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Frontier’s Planet Coaster? Yup – they were both announced there.

This year’s show promises to be a leaner and more streamlined affair, but don’t worry as PC Gamer has promised to stuff, “tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals” into its shorter timeframe.

2. You could win big

PC Gaming Show

Are you feeling clicky, punk? Essentially the PC gaming version of Supermarket Sweep, the Steam Speedrun is set to take place at the PC Gaming Show this year. It sees lucky contestants fill their Steam Store baskets with as many free games as their fingers allow in three minutes.

To be in with a chance of winning more titles than you could play in a year, you’ll need to live around the Los Angeles area and answer a few of PC Gamer’s short questions. Click here for more information on how to enter.

3. Hear from the hottest studios around

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show doesn’t just invite anyone to get up on stage. Talking this year are Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium, Ark: Survival Evolved developers Studio Wildcard, Mount & Blade developer TaleWorlds Entertainment and Torn Banner Studios, which is working on wizard-em-up Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

If that’s not enough for you, there will also be chats with Relic Entertainment, Bohemia Interactive and Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire Interactive.

4. Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott returns

PC Gaming Show

The host of last year’s PC Gaming Show was a huge hit and will once again get the lowdown at this year’s show.

Expect more no-nonsense lines of questioning from the StarCraft personality as Day[9] digs deep into the minds of those that make PC gaming tick.

5. Oh, and there’s this lot too…

PC Gaming Show

Still hungry for more? Check out this year’s full list of participants who will be making an appearance:

  • AMD
  • Bohemia Interactive
  • Boreal yes Games
  • Boss Keey Studios / Nexcom
  • Digital Extremes
  • Finji
  • Microsoft
  • New World Interactive
  • NovaQuark
  • Oculus
  • Other Ocean Interactive
  • Paradox Interactive
  • Relic Entertainment / SEA
  • Square Enix / Square Enix Collective
  • Studio Wildcard
  • TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Torn Banner Studios
  • Tripwire Interactive


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