5 things to expect from Apple's big March event


Apple wants to “loop” us in on something. A March 2016 event has been long mooted, but now Apple has finally announced it will be making an announcement of some sort by the end of the month at its campus in Cupertino, California.

What will it be? We don’t know yet – but it feels like this year there is more rumored from the company than we’ve ever seen before.

Apple’s fingers are placed in many pies right now including murmurs of a new phone, a new tablet and even word on the Apple Car heating up. So we’ve down our best to rank and predict how likely the rumors will be – so here’s everything we expect to see on March 21.

1. iPhone 5SE

iPhone 5C

Ah, the iPhone 6C. How we have anticipated thee. Now heavily rumoured to be called the iPhone 5SE – fingers crossed the final name is a little catchier than that – it’s expected Apple will announce a new, cheaper phone at the event in March.

When the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were announced in September last year, we expected to see the iPhone 6C come alongside it – but it never came to pass.

It has been way over two years since the iPhone 5C was released, so it makes sense for Apple to make another cheaper addition to its usually top price phone range. An iPhone 5SE will allow Apple to integrate into more markets around the world as well.

Developing markets especially will be the big aim for the new iPhone, but it’ll likely see a release around the world for those who want a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus an inevitable iPhone 7.

iPhone 5SE

2. iPad Air 3

iPad Air 2

It’s been almost a year and a half since Apple released the stunning iPad Air 2 – and it’s still the best tablet money can buy right now. But Apple is one for improving what’s already great and rumors of an iPad Air 3 have been brewing for quite some time.

In fact, it’s thought Apple will bring a lot of the technology introduced in the iPad Pro down to a 9.7-inch screen size for the latest tablet addition. That may mean we get to see a brand new A10 chipset, or the same A9X chipset as was used in the original Pro tablet.

It may also mean that Apple Pencil integration is brought to a smaller screen and we’d hope for an upgrade in RAM to at least 3GB this time.

We don’t know for certain it’ll be called the iPad Air 3 though. It may turn out to be the iPad Air Pro, the iPad Pro Air or even the iPad Air 3 Pro. We’ll have to wait and find out.

iPad Air 3

3. Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch

Now, the Apple Watch 2 is an interesting one. It’s only just over a year since the original Apple Watch went on sale, but many don’t believe it’s due an upgrade yet.

It’s been suggested that Apple is looking to make a new Apple Watch with a wireless chipset so it doesn’t need to be paired with your iPhone. There’s hints it’ll have a camera on the wearable itself so you can FaceTime without getting your phone out of your pocket.

In time Apple will likely release an Apple Watch 2, but it’s just not certain that we will see it on March 2016. Apple is heavily rumoured to be working on a bunch of new bands and accessories to go alongside the already released Apple Watch and that will be likely be what we see at this event.

Expect a new range of materials and color choices for your existing wearable rather than a brand-new Watch altogether.

Apple Watch 2

4. Apple Car

Apple Car

Wait, don’t go yet. Hear me out. We know the Apple Car is in the works, even Tim Cook has spoken about the company’s love of the road. Cook has said it will be “like Christmas Eve for a while” so don’t expect it anytime soon.

But last time we saw an Apple event in September last year everybody got excited as the roads were closed off and some believed it may be for the introduction of the Apple Car.

Bear in mind though, this event is happening at Apple’s own campus. Maybe the company has decided to keep the location a little closed off so we don’t have the same excitement about what may happen outside the event.

It’s a real long shot, and we believe Cook when he says it’s still quite some time until we’ll be able to sit behind the wheel of an Apple Car. But just imagine if Cook just drives onto the stage in a few weeks time. That’ll be a “one more thing” worth cheering for.

Apple Car

5. Apple VR

Apple VR

Every major manufacturer wants a slice of the VR pie right now, and Apple is of no exception. Rumors at the start of 2016 showed how the company is planning to make its own VR headset with a secret team behind the scenes hard at work on a headset.

But as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are now entering homes around the world, isn’t it time Apple came out about its plans?

It may be that we get to the Apple event in a few weeks time and all that’s waiting on the seat is the Apple VR headset.

Cook isn’t even in California, he’s presenting it all from the other side of the world, and it’s all hosted in the new headset. We can but only hope.

Apple VR

6. Apple iPod Classic 2016

iPod Classic

Yeah, this one probably isn’t going to happen. But we want a new iPod Classic. Bring back that click wheel to find your favorite tracks – none of this touchscreen nonsense.

Hopefully it’ll be a little slimmer than the last few generations of the iPod Classic. Make it wireless, put in some Apple Music integration and access to Beats 1 while on the go. That’d just be fantastic.

iPod Classic

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