5 things you need to know about Amazon's new Kindle


Amazon’s just launched a new Kindle, called simply the Amazon Kindle, or the All-New Kindle, to give it its full and not entirely accurate title.

But while it’s not actually all-new it sounds like a significant improvement on the previous entry-level Amazon Kindle, delivering all the things you’d expect from a basic ereader in a compact, speedy package.

If you’re after an affordable option this could be the one to choose, but you can decide for yourself once you’ve read these five things that you need to know about the new Amazon Kindle.

It’s lighter than ever

Amazon Kindle

The new Amazon Kindle is 16% lighter than its predecessor, coming in at just 161g. That change might not sound like much, but if you’ve ever been engrossed in a book for hours on end you’ll be no stranger to the arm ache that can come with extended reading, so it’s a change that should help you stay focused on the fiction, rather than your increasingly tired limbs.

It’s thinner too

Amazon Kindle

Not only is the new Amazon Kindle lighter than before but thinner too at just 9.1mm thick. It’s not quite as slim as the 7.6mm Kindle Voyage, but it has a sleeker design than before and can more easily slip in large pockets and small bags, so you’ll never be far from your books.

It should run faster

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has doubled up the RAM in the new Kindle, giving you 512MB to play with. That might not sound like much, but an ereader doesn’t need as much as a phone and with twice the memory to play with it should hopefully be able to open books and navigate screens a little faster.

You get a choice of colors


No longer are your Kindle choices limited to black or…black, as there’s now a white number in the mix. It’s still not the most inspiring selection, but at least you’ll stand out from the Kindle crowd if you opt for the new shade and you can always add a case for a little more flair.

It’s still cheap

Despite being thinner, lighter and faster the new Amazon Kindle has exactly the same price tag as the old one, namely £59.99, $79, AU109.

The next model up (the Kindle Paperwhite) is almost twice the price and despite being so affordable the basic Kindle still has a glare-free screen, weeks of battery life and space for thousands of books.

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