AT&T is cutting down its payment plan options, and that's a good thing


Navigating AT&T’s payment schemes is about to get easier as the telecom company is cutting its Next plans by half.

AT&T will simplify its program from four different payment schedules to two – one that enables quicker upgrades and another that favors a lower monthly cost – beginning June 9.

AT&T Next Every Year, the first of the two plans, is a 24-month financing program with the benefit of a new device offered to customers every year.

Meanwhile, the original AT&T Next plan will offer a 30-month financing program term, meaning smaller payments each month but twice the wait for an upgrade.

ATT Next s new plans

Eligible customers looking to cut costs even further can purchase a portion of their new phone up front or trade-in their old phone and take the value off their bill.

AT&T Next’s old structure may have had twice the options, but 20-, 24-, 28-, and 30-installment systems were too similar and yet not the same, leading to indecision, confusion and eventual frustration when you signed onto a plan that didn’t really work for you. AT&T’s simpler approach to sign ups and upgrades is a welcome change of pace. Who would have thought less options would actually be a good thing?

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