Buying Guide: Best DAB radio: which digital radio should you buy?


It doesn’t matter how many years go by – or how many newer, better-sounding audio standards come into vogue – digital radios will always have a place in the home so long as there’s signal.

Plus, they make for a great gift for that person who’s difficult to buy for and who doesn’t necessarily care about the difference between FLAC and MP3. Unfortunately, though, with the sheer variety of DAB radios available on the market, finding one to meet your needs – and, more importantly, budget – can be difficult.

That’s where we come in. We’ve taken the best DAB radios in the country and rounded them up into a single unified list.

The kitchen is the most common location for a good digital radio, but here you’ll also find ones ideal for bedside tables as well as some portable options too.

Here are the 5 best DAB radios available in the UK today…

Pure Evoke D6 review

Pure Evoke D6

A superb DAB radio for the modern age

The provision of two excellent speakers brings stereo to the tabletop DAB market, with good quality, reliable Bluetooth streaming lending the Evoke D6 a valuable all-in-one feel and it’s certainly one of the best DAB radios you can buy. Could it replace a hi-fi? Absolutely. The design is clean and fresh, the radio’s core functions are easy to use, and the sound quality is warm yet precise. Pure has once again come up with a fine DAB radio and offers decent value considering both its stereo speaker array and the price of the competition. The Evoke D6 boasts a marvellously warm, detailed sound and an excellent build quality.

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Roberts BluTune 65 review

Roberts Blutune 65

Plenty of features make this an excellent DAB option

It might sound like a small thing, but an easily accessible, dedicated dimmer switch that dulls the LCD screen instantly makes the Blutune 65 suitable for a bedroom. Other real-world touches exist on the Blutune 65, such as a control panel that is gently backlit only when touched, and control dials that snag with each change of station, making it harder to overshoot when choosing a DAB station. Ditto a sleep timer, which can be toggled from 15-90 minutes. Ultimately, the optional Apple Lightning connector on the top of this tabletop DAB – along with a USB slot for recharging a phone and excellent sleep timers/alarms – makes the Blutune 65 ultra-convenient on a bedside table.

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Geneva Sound System Model XS DAB review

Geneva Sound System Model XS

A perfect DAB for staying in or taking away with you

With DAB, DAB+, Bluetooth, touch-sensitive buttons, line-in and a hard carry case that both protects and props-up the stereo 2.1 speaker, the Model XS is excessively impressive. Music is refined, well balanced and gets to high volumes without a hint of distortion; for DAB fans who like taking radio around the world, or want a cute desktop option, this is the best compact all-in-one in the business. The price might be a tad high for some, but there’s no doubting the top tech going on inside this product which is absolutely one of the best DAB radios we’ve tested.

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Revo SuperSignal review

Revo SuperSignal

The DAB radio with perfect bedside manners

The build quality in the Revo is truly excellent, and so is the sound, though it’s how Revo has addressed the needs of real people in real rooms that we like most. The touch-snooze feature, the volume dial and Bluetooth are all brilliantly convenient, though we reserve most praise for the use of an OLED screen that keeps the bedroom dark. The OLED screen uses some great-looking typography, too. Sound is the most important feature and the quality here is precise, warm and powerful. That said, a mono rather than stereo speaker is always a shame, though it does make sense on a bedside table.

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Tivoli Audio PAL BT review

Tivoli Audio PAL+ BT

A DAB radio you can take with you come rain or shine

Few digital radios have built-in batteries and splash-proof, portable designs, so the PAL+ BT is a bit of a one-off. Its 16 hour battery is simply superb, and makes it a great – though expensive – alternative to a Bluetooth speaker that you might take into the garden or park. Its headline slot and aux-in are handy, while the sound quality is thoroughly decent. But bluetooth isn’t exactly an expensive technology and the sound quality isn’t close enough to perfect for Tivoli to be charging the kind of money it’s asking for the PAL+ BT. Its unusually large remote control proves critical because its top-mounted control wheel isn’t quite proficient enough to control the PAL+ BT’s core functions. In the end, this is a compact, versatile DAB radio that can be taken around the home (and anywhere else) quite easily thanks to a 16-hour battery, and it’s nevertheless the PAL+BT’s inclusion of Bluetooth and a a bass-heavy sound that helps justify its high price. Perfect for occasional forays into the bathroom.

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