Buying guide: The best Fitbit accessories for your new fitness tracker


Best Fitbit accessories

Fitbit has a wide range of trackers to suit many budgets and needs; so wide in fact that we have an article dedicated purely to the best Fitbits.

But while the devices themselves are many and varied that doesn’t mean there aren’t options to accessorise them and make them your own – after all, we all want something that feels a bit more personal, especially when we’ve spent so much money on them.

Or perhaps you want something that gives you new ways to wear your Fitbit or that fixes common problems; whichever way you slice it we’ve had a good scout and these are five of the best Fitbit accessories we’ve found:

Tory Burch Metal Fret Pendant

Tory Burch

Colors: Gold, Silver, Rose gold | Official site

Fitbits, like most fitness trackers, are typically worn on your wrist, but there’s no reason why some, such as the Fitbit Flex, can’t be worn around your neck in a pendant.

That thought led to the creation of this Metal Fret Pendant by designer Tory Burch. Not only does it give you a new way to wear your Fitbit Flex, but the metal enclosure is premium, stylish and hides your Fitbit away enough that it can be used as a genuine fashion accessory.

Yet it still leaves your Fitbit fully functional and the gaps in the metal mean you can still view your progress with a double tap of the pendant.

The Friendly Swede Silicone Fasteners

Silicone Fasteners

Colors: Black, White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Purple | Official site

Perhaps you’re happy to stick with the basic rubber wristband of the Fitbit Flex – after all, it is a fitness tracker, and the rubber strap is workout-ready.

But the latch can more easily come undone than some trackers, and if you’re out on a jog you may end up travelling a significant distance before you realize you’ve lost it.

You can avoid these woes with a set of Friendly Swede Silicone Fasteners, which you simply slide over the clasp to keep it in place. You only need one to keep your Flex secure, but you get twelve in a pack, sporting a range of different colors, so you can use extras to add a bit of flair to your wrist.

Fitbit Alta Metal Bracelet

Alta bracelet

Color: Stainless Steel | Official site

The Fitbit Alta comes with a fairly plain and functional strap, but if you’ve got money to spare you can upgrade it to a far more stylish and premium one like this metal offering.

It’s made from stainless steel and looks far more like something that you’d wear by choice than just as a means to track your fitness.

If metal isn’t your thing there’s also a more affordable leather option and that too transforms the Alta into a gadget that offers as much style as substance.

Cotop HD Clear Film Screen Protector

Cotop HD

Color: Clear

Screen protectors are a common smartphone accessory, yet they tend to be an afterthought on fitness trackers.

As they’re typically strapped to your wrist they’re arguably in less danger, but they’re also exposed to the great outdoors on a regular basis, so whether you fall on your run or kick up some gravel with your bike your Fitbit could be at risk.

Screen protectors like these Cotop HD ones can minimize that risk. This model is designed for the Fitbit Alta, but you can find protective covers for other Fitbits too.

Fitbit Blaze Leather Band

Blaze leather band

Colors: Black, Camel, Mist Gray | Official site

There isn’t the same range of accessories for the Fitbit Blaze as there is for something like the Fitbit Flex, but there are still some compelling choices, especially when it comes to straps.

Out of the box you get a fairly sporty elastomer band, which looks good in the gym but not in the bar. If you want to keep wearing the Blaze all day you might want to consider a more formal band, like this leather number which comes in Black, Camel or Mist Gray.

It gives the wearable the look of a normal wristwatch, albeit a chunky one – but you will need to get good at clipping those bands in and out.

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