E3 2016: 5 games that prove PlayStation VR has the best line up of any headset right now


The motto of E3 rings true: ‘content is king’

playstation vr

During its E3 2016 keynote, Sony reminded us of the other unique advantage that it holds over Facebook and HTC in the virtual reality race: content.

Some may say that Sony’s mic drop moment of this E3 was the reveal of Hideo Kojima’s new game, but I say that it was the absolutely most appealing game catalog of any VR headset to date.

Sure, the two PC headsets have co-op Star Trek in VR, but that’s just one game against an onslaught of veritable dream gaming scenarios come to life from Sony. Now, let’s look at the six reasons Sony just gave its 40 million PS4 owners and beyond to buy into PlayStation VR.


playstation vr

I’m just hoping and praying this turns out to be the Mass Effect in VR that it looks like right now. Developed by Impulse Gear, Farpoint sees you explore an alien world after an expedition to investigate an anomaly on Jupiter goes wrong.

The visuals, which are hopefully representative, look incredible and would only add to the immersion factor of such an engrossing premise for VR. Here’s to Farpoint amounting to more than just a sci-fi shooter and emphasizing the exploration potential of VR.