E3 2016: If you blinked, you probably missed this glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront VR


EA’s E3 press conference is over, and thanks to the Titanfall 2 campaign trailer leaking earlier in the day, there weren’t any huge surprises.

Even the section dedicated to the publisher’s roster of Star Wars games didn’t reveal an awful lot – except this:


Did you miss that? Here it is again.


Is that an X-Wing VR game we spot? It certainly looks like it. In March, Electronic Arts and Sony announced they were working together to create a version of Star Wars Battlefront especially for PlayStation VR.

Sure enough, at EA Play 2016 EA said: “DICE is also working with Criterion on an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront VR mission for PlayStation VR this year.”

So it appears that’s what we’re looking at.

But EA’s portfolio of Star Wars titles stretches well beyond Battlefront: Titanfall creator Respawn is also working on a game, as is Dead Space studio Visceral Games.

You can see a few more teases in the full video below.