E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 is a full PlayStation VR game to help us forget PT


Where the hell did that come from? Capcom just revealed that Resident Evil VII will be a full PS VR experience.

In one of the most surprising reveals of E3 so far, Capcom showed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard playing in first-person perspective on PS4, and confirmed it will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR. Fear not though, it will also come to Xbox One and PC.

Although PS VR is out this October, Resi 7 itself won’t launch until Jan. 24, 2017, but a demo for the game will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers today.

The footage we saw pointed to more of a classic creepy Resident Evil experience, one that’s clearly taken a leaf out of the book of PT, the cancelled Silent Hills project.

Also, can we talk about how clever that logo is?


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