E3 2016: The 5 E3 embarrassing E3 moments that made us want the ground to swallow us up



For many, myself included, E3 is the highlight of the year. New games get revealed, old favorites get sequels, and every half a decade new consoles emerge to make the contents of our collective TV cabinets look tired and outdated once more.

More often than not, E3 leaves us feeling excited, but sometimes the conference goes very, very wrong. Announcements that seem like surefire hits bomb horrifically on stage, tech goes haywire, and motion controls make fools of otherwise professional company executives.

For the most part E3 is a slick business conference, designed to build excitement around another year of products, but we live for those moment when the mask slips, and the entire industry is revealed to be the giggling class of children that it so clearly is.

Ubisoft James Cameron

James Cameron E3

Remember Avatar? No not the anime series that was subsequently butchered by a film adaptation that went oh-so-Shyamalwrong, but the movie starring the blue cat things fighting against an army of space colonists?

It’s weird to think that there was a period when people were excited for Avatar rather than using it as a short-hand for the whole ‘3D gimmick’ thing, but Ubisoft’s E3 press conference was lucky enough to sit squarely within that period in 2009.

So it’s not surprising that someone from Ubisoft thought it would be a good idea to give the stage to James Cameron, Avatar’s director, for a full 15 minutes of its conference as a promo for the tie-in game.

But when Cameron actually arrived on stage he didn’t have any footage to show off, or any details to deliver. What we got was just one man, talking endlessly about the nerdy sci-fi universe he was creating.

He talked, and he talked, and he talked, and eventually when the last person in the audience fell asleep James Cameron, the man who directed both Aliens and Terminator 2 was still on stage droning on and on about the f*cking Na’vi.