E3 2016: These 5 classic PC games are just dying to be remastered


We could even call it ‘The Skyrim Treatment’


Are you ready to go again, dragonborn? Five years after The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s launch on consoles and the PC, Bethesda announced a remastered version for this generation of machines in October on the E3 2016 stage. Not only will northern Tamriel look much prettier than you remember it, Skyrim Special Edition is set to get mod support on consoles for the first time.

It’s hard to remember a remaster that’s generated as much excitement in recent years, save for Final Fantasy VII, and it has me pondering what other PC games would benefit from an overhaul. The platform has an embarrassment of riches to choose from, but here are five classics that should be developers’ first picks.

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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind


Forget Skyrim, or even Oblivion; I want a remastered version of the third game in the Elder Scrolls Series: Morrowind.

Released back when games had more meat on their bones than a giant’s mammoth (that’s 2002, then), Morrowind is comparatively hardcore and much closer to traditional RPGs in style compared to its modern-day equivalents. Spells, for example, can be crafted like weapons can be in Skyrim, and magic damage is determined by chance.

Thankfully, a fan-driven remastering of Morrowind called Skywind is in the works. It has Bethesda’s blessing, which is no surprise because it’s looking sharp.