E3 2016: These 8 PS4 games from E3 will help keep Sony ahead


A truly super star lineup

ps4 e3

Sony closed out the first day of E3 2016 with a stellar list of exclusive titles for both PlayStation VR and the PS4. Every exclusive property that Sony produces continues to be bold and fresh, with fan favorites reappearing on this year’s E3 stage to roaring applause.

It’s been a long time coming but we’re starting to see Sony’s full lineup from satellite studios, like Sony Bend and Studio Santa Monica, come together in an impressive way and the patience is starting payoff for fans that remained patient.

God of War (Fall 2017)

ps4 e3

Kratos is back and seemingly worn out from the events of God of War 3 in what appears to be a reboot of the series. He’s now looking for someone to take his place, and that’s his son – who still hasn’t lost his innocence to the gods.

Judging from the footage shown, the reboot will focus on the connection between father and son as Kratos shapes him into a warrior. It’s this dynamic that has us intrigued where the story goes.

Well, there’s that and a viking-like Kratos swinging a battle axe around, which is tough not to get insanely hype over.