E3 2016: These nine Xbox One games of E3 will make you crave Microsoft's smaller console


All aboard the hype train

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The Xbox One started E3 2016 with the first press conference of the day with an impressive game and hardware showcase. Clearly, Microsoft has learned from its early missteps with the Xbox hardware offering with the announcement Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, likely the fastest gaming console to hit the market next year.

But, what about 2016 and the games releasing for the Xbox One S? Here are the best games shown during the Microsoft E3 press conference that we just can’t wait to play this autumn and into next year.

Gears of War 4 (Oct 11, 2016)

xbox e3

The next entry in the locust-swatting franchise will continue the tradition of fending of alien bug-like menace with the main goal to destroy mankind. However Marcus Fenix isn’t leading the charge. Instead the series is shifting to his son, JD Fenix and his new COG crew. This was the first time campaign was footage shown in clear daylight, where the new team used the environment against the swarm.

Marcus Fenix isn’t entirely absent from this installment. Marcus briefly appeared at the end of the presentation, but he looked old and worn out by previous encounters. Might this be the last time he appears in the series?