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Finding the best prices when you’re shopping online can be a real hassle, with deals and voucher codes for the same product changing by the minute.

Download Pricehawk for Chrome freePricehawk for Chrome, from the creators of TechRadar, PCGamer.com and T3.com, is a free browser extension that searches its database for shopping links in the webpage you’re viewing. It finds you the best deals from reliable online stores, and scours its database for the latest voucher codes to make sure you get the best price.

Download Pricehawk free
Pricehawk picks up shopping links in pages and searches its database to find you the best deals and voucher codes

Pricehawk isn’t obstructive and won’t take over your browser – it remains tucked away as a discreet button beside the address bar until it detects a shopping link, at which point it pops up a small notice letting you know about available deals. If you’re still researching your options and aren’t ready to buy, you can either set the alerts to snooze temporarily, or disable them for that site.

You can search for products manually if you have something specific in mind – simply click View Deals, and click the Search tab. Pricehawk will display suggested products in real time as you type.

Download Pricehawk free and get the best deals when you shop online
You can search Pricehawk for specific products to find the lowest prices

Top download - Pricehawk for ChromePricehawk is still in beta, and currently works with games and tech in the UK, US and Australia. Other categories are coming soon, as well as versions for other browsers.

Your feedback as an early adopter is valuable – click the Options button, then select Provide Feedback to send us your opinions, and help us make Pricehawk even better.

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