EE TV now lets you watch any Freeview show on your phone


We love watching TV on our phones and tablets, but you’ll always hit an issue with particular channels or shows which won’t let you go mobile.

Usually it’s some sort of licensing issue, football highlights for example are generally not freely available – but EE TV is changing that with its new ‘Recordings to Go’ update for its set top box and companion app.

While there’s no change in viewing live TV, users can now download any recorded Freeview show, yes ANY, to their mobile device to watch at their leisure.


Any show, any time

It sounds a little too good to be true, but EE claims that’s not the case. That means everything from news and movies to sport and soaps from over 70 channels can be recorded on your EE TV box and sent from there to your phone or tablet using your home Wi-Fi network.

You can then watch your download at any point offline, with no expiry date or watch time limit. The recording will only leave your device when you delete it.

The new update will also allow EE TV customers to set recordings on their box from their mobile phone when they’re out of the house, bringing the service in line with competitors Virgin Media and Sky.

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