Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delay confirmed in UK


Rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is about to get a large-scale recall have gained momentum as it’s confirmed that the brand is delaying the phone in the UK, sources have told TechRadar.

The Note 7 has been heavily linked with a global recall since two separate instances of fires while charging have been reported, and now it seems that the brand is going to be pulling shipments while it investigates.

The reports of the recall have begun in Australia, where a spokesperson told Gizmodo: “shipments of Galaxy Note 7 are being temporarily delayed for additional quality assurance inspections.”

UK – no way

This new update means that if you’re waiting for your Note 7 model, sources tell us you could be waiting another couple of months (in the UK at least, with other territories yet to confirm) as Samsung double checks the safety of its new phablet.

Note 7

A quick scan of the sites offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 deals show that Carphone Warehouse and Mobile Phones Direct both have the phone listed as ‘out of stock’ with no mention of when it’ll be available again.

We’re contacting Samsung and other retailers to see how this will affect pre-orders in the UK, and checking in with global offices to see if a recall is on the cards.

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