Hands-on review: HTC 10


There’s always a palatable sense of excitement when one of the big players in the smartphone world brings out its latest flagship, and HTC is no different.

We’ve been hearing word of the HTC 10 for a while, and it almost seems tired to question whether this is the ‘last roll of the dice’ or whether it’s an ‘ailing’ smartphone brand – HTC is still making decent phones and trying, at least, to stick to its roots.

The new naming convention is odd though – although HTC wouldn’t confirm it to me, as there wasn’t a definite answer to the question of whether the One brand is over. The idea of going to just 10 was based on ‘the perfect 10’, the ultimate in scores, the best of achievement.

HTC 10 review

Does that mean that this is the last ever phone from HTC then? (Of course not. Who else wants to bet we’ll hear something about ‘turning it up to 11’ in 2017?)

Alright – so that’s the stage set, but what’s the initial impression of the HTC 10? In a word: chunky. That’s not necessarily a criticism though, as HTC has never been one for making ultra-slim flagship phones.

HTC’s new tagline is ‘Sculpted by Light’, telling the world that this is a phone that captures the light and reflects it beautifully. And yes, placed face down on a table it does have a nice gleam, but the wider chamfered edges don’t really add a huge amount to the mix, making it feel larger in the hand.

HTC 10 review

It’s very well-made though, and the amount of high-end components stuffed in here signal that HTC is at least hitting the right marks in terms of making a flagship phone with some power.

That said, I can’t say I get the same excited feeling I did the first time I slipped the HTC One M8 into my hand, the mixture of curved back and sleek aluminum telling me I was in the presence of a really rather special phone.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a superbly crafted handset. The 2.5D glass on the side is curved nicely into the body, the whole chassis has an intensely powerful feel to it and even dropping the logo on the front is going to please some fans.

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