Hands-on review: UPDATED: GoPro Karma Drone


Update: We added a GoPro Karma drone video using the newly launched GoPro Hero5 Black below. It show how easy it is to pilot and how smoothly the video turns out. More videos to come as the drone release date nears.

The GoPro Karma is the action camera company’s long-awaited entry into the burgeoning drone category, and it looks like good things come to those video-capturing adrenaline junkies who wait.

The Karma is a well-priced drone that provides stabilized video while hovering as high as 3280ft (1,000m) and soaring at a maximum speed of 35mph (15m/s). Its 3-axis camera gimbal keeps everything steady.

We didn’t crash the Karma and its GoPro Hero 5 Black ‘co-pilot’ in our first three hours of flying it at the launch event in Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border. And yes, we did put it to the ultimate test – in high wind at the top of a mountain.