Hands-on review: Updated: iPhone SE


Update: Our full iPhone SE review is coming soon, as we just finished an unboxing video of Apple’s small, but brand new phone. Here are our thoughts so far – now with more picutures!

When the world zigs, you zag. Buy low, sell high. When the entire smartphone universe skews big, you reinvigorate the small. That, in a nutshell, is the mentality behind the iPhone SE. It’s a phone for those that love the smaller size but really wish they could have the power of a flagship phone.

There’s a big question on the lips of some smartphone fans at the moment – especially the Android ones: why does Apple seem to get such a huge interest level for re-releasing its older smartphone?

Having used the iPhone SE for a few days now, there’s nothing to choose between it and the iPhone 5S cosmetically. It’s precisely the same phone on the outside (and quite substantially on the inside too, it turns out) so is it fair to give the new handset so much attention? After all, Samsung throws out so many small phones a year it’s hard to keep count – and they get nowhere near as many pixels to read through.

Check out our iPhone SE reaction video: