Hands-on review: UPDATED: LG G5


Update: The LG G5, not to be forgotten, is in our hands in prototype form. We updated our first impressions of the Android phone, but the full review awaits.

The LG G5 is a massive change from the manufacturer – doing away with the confusing leather in favor of a full metal body, yet keeping fan-favorite features like a removable battery and microSD card.

That’s a big deal, because Samsung disappointed a vocal minority a year ago when it ditched its swappable battery and expandable storage hallmarks in the Galaxy S6.

Okay, the LG G5 isn’t as ornate as Samsung’s glass-and-metal-fused phone, or Apple’s aluminum iPhone 6S, but it’s a step in the right direction after the leather-and-plastic-backed LG G4.

Watch our hands on and first impressions LG G5 video: