Hands-on review: Updated: Sony Xperia X


Update: We now have the Sony Xperia X in our hands ready for our full review. Keep your eyes peeled to see our full verdict on Sony’s latest flagship in the coming days.

The Sony Xperia X is a curious device. I say curious because I don’t really know what kind of phone it is.

I could look at the CPU used, the screen size and resolution and the intended market – but based on what Sony’s telling me, the first two points aren’t really relevant and there’s no information on which sort of buyer the Xperia X is aimed at.

It’s very much a Sony phone though, stuffed to the brim with components from all departments in the company: screen tech from Bravia, audio from the Hi-Res Audio workers and the DSLR team working in tandem with the smartphone guys to make a compelling spec list.

Sony Xperia X review

But given we’ve been waiting for the Xperia Z6, the all new flagship, for ages it’s hard to know if this is the new phone or just a side-range that sits alongside the Xperia Z choices – and given Sony doesn’t seem to know the answer to this question – or just isn’t telling me – it’s hard to gauge.

What we do know now is that this phone is £459 in the UK (around $660 / AU$900), which is pretty expensive indeed – not quite flagship prices, but a lot more than I was expecting.

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