In Depth: The 15 best Star Wars themed gadgets to buy right now


Best Star Wars themed gadgets


With Star Wars: The Force Awakens now available to own in the home, it feels like a very good time to delve a little further into other bits of Star Wars tech you can spend your hard-earned Space Dollars on.

For some crazy reason, Disney has been rather busy creating merchandise that celebrates Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Mouse House has branded everything from socks to oranges. Yes, oranges. Frankly, it has gotten a little out of hand but one area where Star Wars merchandise feels valid is gadgets.

From Millennium Falcon drones to R2-D2 fridges, we have gathered up the best Star Wars gadgets you can buy right now. There is something for every budget and, don’t panic, this list is Jar Jar Binks free. Although we did look long and hard for a self-destructing doll but to no avail.

1. Sphero BB-8 Droid

Star Wars gadgets

There’s been no shortage of Star Wars toys but Sphero’s BB-8 is the (impressive) most impressive Force Awakens tie-in. The link up with Sphero is a match made in heaven. The company’s app-connected ball-rolling gadgets are great fun, but refurbishing them as the latest Star Wars ‘bot was a stroke of genius. This is the droid you are looking for and you can read our BB-8 review to find out more.

Where to find it:

US: From $499 on

UK: From £129 on Amazon UK

2. Star Wars Mood Lights

Star Wars gadgets

If you are the sort of person whose mood flits between the Light and Dark side, depending on what day of the week it is, then these Star Wars mood lights are for you. You can choose from either the glowing red of Darth Vader’s helmet or StormTrooper calming light. The best bit about them is there’s no switch, so you turn them on by touching them while pretending you are using the Force.

Where to find it:

US: From $50 on Amazon US

UK: From £29 on Amazon UK

3. Star Wars Lightsaber Portable Charger

Star Wars gadgets

Is the Force not strong with your phone’s battery? Then get yourself a portable battery charger that is a small-scale replica of Vader’s weapon in Episode IV. If that doesn’t entice you, then this will: it also doubles up as a torch. A TORCH! Perfect for those looking to head into the Light side. Sorry.

Where to find it:

US: From $50 at Brando

UK: From £49 at The Foundry

4. Turtle Beach Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Headset

Star Wars gadgets

Turtle Beach is up there with the best when it comes to movie and game tie-ins and its Star Wars range of headsets are no different. Our favourite is the X-Wing pilot variant which is a new style for its Ear Force Recon 50 range. Pair these up with a game like Star Wars: Battlefront and we bet you will be making X-Wing flying noises within seconds.

Where to find it:

US: From $64 at Amazon US

UK: From £39 at Amazon UK

5. HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

Star Wars gadgets

HP has decided to launch a Star Wars inspired notebook that has been modelled on the look of Rylo Ken, one of the big bads in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, when we say modelled, it’s had a funky red backlight added to the keyboard and the mapping system that helps Luke blow up the Death Star in The New Hope is etched on to the trackpad. It’s also been given a lovely roughed up look and has images from the films carved into it. We reviewed the HP Star Wars Special Edition laptop and reckoned it was pretty good for a mid-tier laptop but definitely one for fans only.

Where to find it:

US: From $680 at Amazon US

UK: From £599 at Amazon UK

6. Star Wars Old Republic gaming mouse

Star Wars gadgets

Razer hasn’t got any Force Awaken tie-ins but its Old Republic range of accessories is inspired, if rather hard to get hold of. The first on our list is an Old Republic-styled gaming mouse. On it are 17 buttons to help with all your gaming needs and such a low latency that Razer reckons you can wield the device as smoothly as you would a lightsaber. You also get given the choice of Sith or Old Republic emblems which look great when backlit.

Where to find it:

US: From $149 at Amazon US

UK: From £129 at Game UK

7. Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker


We have had the Stormtrooper head version of AC Worldwide’s Star Wars bluetooth speaker range in the office for a little while now and have been utterly impressed with the sound and the look of the device. Pair the speaker up to your phone and it quotes the famous phrase “move along”, while the eyes and mouth flash when used as well. The sound is decent for the size of the thing – it has 2 x 3w, 32mm speakers built in – and it lasts around three hours on a single charge. It’s easy to pair, too, with NFC on board and an AUX connection if you prefer to do things old school. While we opted for a Stormtrooper, there’s also a C3P0 head available too.

UK: from £129 at

8. Sky Star Wars remote

Star Wars gadgets

Given that UK broadcaster Sky currently has a whole channel dedicated to Star Wars, it was inevitable that some sort of Star Wars related tie-in would happen. And it has in the form of a number of rebranded remote controls. Our favourite is the R2-D2 one, but you can also press the buttons of C3P0 and others.

Where to find it:

UK: Get it from Sky’s store for £24.99

9. Star Wars PS4 bundle

Star Wars gadgets

The PlayStation 4 was always destined for the Dark Side. The hulking, blocky look of the thing meant it was never going to be a rebel machine. This special edition is a great gift for any Star Wars fan – the side is embossed with Darth Vader’s profile and the controller is tinged with black and red, colours any Sith lord would approve of. Alongside this you also get Star Wars: Battlefront. Impressive. Most Impressive.

Where to find it:

US: Get it from $350 at Amazon US

UK: Get it from £250 at Amazon UK

10. The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Quad

Star Wars gadgets

Han Solo’s ship is as much a character in Star Wars as the rest of the franchise’s motley crew. And now you can have one of your very own that flies, albeit with the little help of a remote control – one that looks just like the ship you are piloting! This drone comes equipped with four propellers to help with stability, although we all know the Falcon has never really had a smooth ride.

Where to find it:

US: Get a similar drone from $100 at Amazon US

UK: Get it from £134 at Amazon UK

11. Star Wars: Complete Blu-ray Collection

Star Wars gadgets

The Star Wars Blu-ray was one of the most anticipated releases for the format when it was released back in 2011. You can read about how it was made in our behind-the-scenes look, but they aren’t perfect. The transfer of all six movies is pristine but the versions on the disc are of the special editions, complete with George Lucas’ CGI tinkerings. The package is at least extensive and houses some fantastic archive footage.

Where to find it:

US: From $80 at Amazon US

UK: From £70 at Amazon UK

12. Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Pack

Star Wars gadgets

Disney Infinity is the sort of game that appeals to both the collector and gamer in you. The game is a sandbox adventure that brings toys to life: you get both a playset and action figures with this starter pack. For more adventures, you do need to buy more figures and playsets, so this could end up being a costly way to play a Star Wars game, but it’s a lot of fun.

Where to find it:

US: Get it from $50 at Amazon US

UK: Get it from £22 at Amazon UK

13. R2-D2 Interactive Remote Control Robotic Droid

Star Wars gadgets

Ah, R2. BB-8 may try and give Luke’s droid a run for its money, but our heart will always be with R2-D2. When it is not being a bit of a dick and pretending that it can’t fly, it’s housing secret messages that can bring a galactic empire to its knees and has some audacious lock-picking skills. This interactive droid has over 1,000 programmable combinations and is controlled by remote. Lovely stuff.

Where to find it:

US: Get it from $240 at Amazon US

UK: Get it from £150 at Amazon UK

14. R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator

Star Wars gadgets

Unfortunately this R2-D2 fridge is available in Japan only but it’s too good not to be included on this list. It’s a fridge styled as Luke’s faithful ‘bot that you can move by the Force – well, remote control. R2-D2 proved himself to be adept in the Star Wars movies time and time again. But, handing Han an ice-cold one after a space battle would have made R2 that little bit more awesome.

Where to find it:

15. Google Cardboard: Star Wars Edition

Star Wars gadgets

Google Cardboard is a genius idea by Page and Co. It’s a low-budget way to get VR to the masses – exactly what the technology needs to enter the mainstream. And, because it’s made of cardboard, it can be rebranded and remodelled on the cheap. The Star Wars versions of Cardboard look decent and the Force Awakens VR app will immerse yourself in a Galaxy Far, Far Away in just 12 Parsecs.

Where to find it: Get it from the Google Store


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