In Depth: The best driverless cars in movie history


Jurassic Park

The future is now. Though driverless cars were once the reserve of science fiction, you can now buy a Tesla electric car with an advanced autopilot mode, or head to Pittsburgh and hail a driverless Uber taxi.

Admittedly, these are still the early days of the driverless car revolution, however quickly it’s accelerating towards us. Those Uber cabs still need a human driver on hand should any problems arise, and Tesla’s cars were involved in a tragic and fatal accident which has seen them revise their assisted driving experience.

And so we turn back then to the fictional influences to these modern marvels. Hollywood has long been obsessed with driverless vehicles – if only to show the folly of investing too much trust in them. But we can’t help but get excited by the promise those sci-fi visions showed. Read on for our favorite driverless cars from the silver screen.


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