In depth: We challenged Samsung and BlackBerry over their Android security claims


BlackBerry claims to have “the world’s most secure Android smartphone” in the DTEK50. The slogan is splashed across its website and can be seen on advertising hoardings in major cities – it really has gone all-out.

There is a problem though. BlackBerry isn’t the only one making the claim.

Whether it’s for business, personal or private reasons, some people just need to know they have the most secure phone that money can buy – but in 2016 that’s proving quite difficult.


Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Note 7, BlackBerry’s new DTEK50 and plucky up-start Sirin’s Solarin phone all make the claim to be the most secure Android phone you can buy.

Security is not a new selling point for mobile phones, but this is the first time three companies have each claimed to have the most secure Android device on the market, making it very confusing for those looking for the highest security phone.

Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT and Mobile at Samsung UK told TechRadar, “Iris scanning delivers a hundred times more secure security than a fingerprint and a more reliable security solution on your device.

“That coupled with the Knox solution, it [the Galaxy Note 7] is the most secure device you can have.”

Galaxy Note 7

When asked if the Galaxy Note 7 is more secure than the BlackBerry DTEK50, Pierce confirmed Samsung believes it is. He cited the combination of its Knox security software and iris scanning tech as offering military grade security.

Controversial claims

But BlackBerry has marketed the DTEK50 as the most secure Android phone you can buy right – even its YouTube ad opens with the words “Introducing the world’s most secure Android smartphone”.