Intel's Project Alloy mixed reality headset takes on the Microsoft HoloLens


Wireless headsets are the future of virtual reality, but so far only a few companies are even attempting create one. Now Intel is one of those few to experiment with such a device called Project Alloy.

Announced at the Intel Developer Forum, Project Alloy is an all-in-one VR headset equipped with Intel’s system-on-a-chip technology, batteries and everything else it needs to create a self-contained virtual reality world.

On top of simply exploring virtual spaces, Project Alloy is outfitted with two RealSense cameras that can analyze the world around you and bring real life objects into your digital experience.

Intel Project Alloy

On stage Intel demonstrated how the mixed reality setup will allow users to avoid colliding into objects while interacting with physical objects in the real world. What’s more, Project Alloy supports Windows Holographic’s 3D and 2D mixed reality apps, so there should be no shortage of experiences in the near future.

Intel plans release the first version of Project Alloy to developers by December 2016 and the mixed reality headset will be available as open source hardware by the second half of 2017. Real Sense APIs will be opened up as well.

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