iPad Pro 2: what we want to see


Apple launched its largest ever tablet in September last year. The iPad Pro came with a ginormous 12.9-inch screen, supported the Apple Pencil stylus and packed an impressively powerful processor.

We loved the original tablet, giving it 4.5-stars in our full TechRadar review. It has some impressive front-facing speakers as well as a strong processor set up and a gorgeous display.

Then there was the iPad Pro 9.7, an iPad Air 2 replacement, which came with a smaller screen and all of the features we’d already seen on the original iPad Pro. But this new rumored device will be ready to replace the large screen iPad Pro, here’s everything we know so far about the iPad Pro 2.

Cut to the case

  • What is it? The next big tablet from Apple
  • When is it out? Maybe September 2016, could be announced with the iPhone 7
  • What will it cost? It’ll be expensive. Expect US$799 (£679, AU$1249)

iPad Pro 2 release date

The original iPad Pro is almost a year old and we’d usually expect Apple to update it on its birthday, but considering the iPad Pro 9.7 came out earlier this year and demand for new tablets isn’t high at the moment it may be a little bit longer until we see the iPad Pro 2.

iPad Pro 2

So far there’s no sign of an official launch date, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. Maybe there will be some word at the iPhone 7 launch expected for mid-September this year.

iPad Pro 2 design and spec

Not much is known about the iPad Pro 2 just yet – but new photos of a leaked Apple tablet have shown off what some believe to be the iPad Pro 2.

They came from a source working on the Chinese supply line – according to Apple Insider – and show off the tablet’s screen with a model number MH1Z2CD/F.

iPad Pro 2

That’s not attached to any existing product at the moment, so it’d make sense for this to be the iPad Pro 2. The photos don’t show off any specific changes though so it may look just like the original iPad Pro tablet.

We can predict the iPad Pro 2 will come with a True Tone display, much like the iPad Pro 9.7. True Tone allows your tablet to alter the screen’s color temperature depending on the ambient lighting of where you use it, so you can see the image properly no matter what conditions you’re in.

We’d also expect the iPad Pro 2 to launch with iOS 10 – Apple’s latest mobile operating system software upgrade – that is expected to land for phones and tablets in September this year.

iPad Pro 2 price

There’s no official sourcing on pricing yet, so we only have the original tablet’s pricing to go from. That started at US$799 (£679, AU$1249) so it certainly won’t be easy on the wallet.

iPad Pro 2: what we want to see

With so little known about the iPad Pro 2, we’ve run through some of the spec and design changes we’d most like to see on the iPad Pro 2.

1. Bigger battery

iPad Pro 2

The original iPad Pro came with a mammoth 10,307mAh battery, but we’d like to see it upgraded on the iPad Pro 2 to make the battery life even more impressive. With a powerful processor set up and a huge 12.9-inch screen to power the battery did get drained quite quickly on the original tablet.

Fingers crossed Apple will put a big focus on its power optimization as well to give us considerably better battery on the iPad Pro 2.

2. Free Pencil stylus

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil cost extra on top of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, so next time we’d like to see the Pencil 2 thrown into the box alongside the tablet. It’s not usually Apple’s style to offer accessories up for free, but the stylus is an essential part of the iPad Pro experience, so we’d like to see it included next time.

3. More storage

iPad Pro

Some tablets now come with up to 256GB of storage – that’s including the iPad Pro 9.7 – and we’d like to see that as an upgrade for the iPad Pro 2. There’s no expandable memory so a new storage version would be a great addition.

The iPad Pro originally came in 32GB and 128GB versions so if Apple decided to stick to 128GB and 256GB versions no-one would miss out with a full tablet.

4. Better front-facing camera

iPad Pro

Despite a strong rear-facing 8MP camera on the iPad Pro, the front-facing shooter isn’t anything impressive with only a 1.2MP sensor. We’d like to see that upgraded for video calling on the iPad Pro 2 as well as shooting selfies while you’re lazing on the sofa.

5. Lighter build

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is heavy. Right now there’s no obvious way to tackle that if you want a 12.9-inch tablet, but we’d like to see Apple shave off a little of the weight for the second generation. Whether that’s possible for Apple though is a different story.

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