iPhone 7 Plus: what we want to see


Update: The possible design of the iPhone 7 Plus has been shown off in detail in a pair of diagrams and even a video, suggesting we may well see both a Smart Connector and a dual-lens camera.

Surprisingly there’s even some evidence of a bezel-less design, though we’re very skeptical about seeing that. It’s also thought the handset could be more complex than any previous iPhone, suggesting big changes on the inside.

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The iPhone 7 is one of the most eagerly awaited phones of the year, but alongside it Apple is sure to launch an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro as it might be called.

The screen will be bigger than on the normal iPhone, that much is certain, but a number of other things could be different too, including the camera and the presence (or lack) of a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Smart Connector.

And even the things that are the same on both handsets are cause for excitement, as with talk of plenty of power and a new design the iPhone 7 range could be a big upgrade on the iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus.

So far nothing is certain, but there are a huge number of rumors floating around and we’ve collected them all below, so you can get the clearest possible idea of what to expect from the iPhone 7 Plus.

If that wasn’t enough we’ve also thought up a list of the things we want to see changed and added for this year’s model, to make it the best it can possibly be.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Apple’s next phablet
  • When is it out? Probably September 2016
  • What will it cost? A lot

iPhone 7 Plus release date

The iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 Pro is likely to launch in September 2016, given that Apple has launched its last few flagships during that month.

It’s possible that the company could change its schedule, especially as an AppleInsider source, deemed ‘reliable’, claims the company hopes to launch the iPhone 7 earlier in the year. But we’re skeptical of that as there’s been no other hint of an earlier launch, so for now we’d say September.

iPhone 7 Plus news and rumors

So far most of the design rumors refer to the iPhone 7 rather than the iPhone 7 Plus, but aside from differing dimensions the two phones are likely to look very similar. That means you can expect a slim design, possibly so thin that the headphone port will be removed, though with any luck Apple won’t go that far.

The iPhone 7 Plus could also have a bezel-less screen and water and dust resistance, along with an end to antenna bands.

Though the clearest look we’ve had at it comes from a leaked diagram shared by MyDrivers, which shows a phone that’s got identical dimensions to the iPhone 6S Plus, as well as a similar shape.

iPhone 7 Plus diagram

It differs in some key areas though. For one thing it’s got a dual-lens camera, which we’ve heard of before, with talk of two versions of the 7 Plus launching, one with a dual-lens snapper and the other with just a single lens one. We doubt Apple would muddy the waters with two versions of its phablet, but a dual-lens could mean a big camera upgrade.

The diagram also shows a Smart Connector, much like what’s found on the iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7. This would open up the door to first and third-party accessories and other potential methods of data transfer. Though not all sources agree on whether we’ll see that and we doubt Apple would stick one on a phone.

Most unusual though is the lack of bezel around the screen. It’s rumored that Apple is working on an edge-to-edge display, potentially with the fingerprint scanner and front-facing camera built in, but we’re not expecting to see that in the iPhone 7 Plus, so this is likely a mistake and calls the whole diagram into question.

However another blueprint has also emerged and this looks similar, but with the bezel intact.

iPhone 7 Plus blueprint

The most convincing proof of the iPhone 7 Plus’ much-debated design may have materialized by way of some high-quality renders nabbed by Stuff.tv. In the video, which travels around the supposed build of Apple’s upcoming, grande-sized iPhone 7 Plus, there are some telling clues about what we might see come September when the phone is slated to be announced.

First off, it lacks a headphone jack. This could either confirm your hopes or your nightmares that Apple might actually juke the 3.5mm standard in favor of its own Lightning port. But, as this is an unofficial render, you can keep relaxing until September when we find out for sure.

Next up, there’s a slight camera bump near the top of the device where there’s rumored to be a dual-camera setup. Nothing new here. We see also get another look at the rumored Smart Connector.

The screen will likely stay at 5.5 inches but could get a resolution boost, since the iPhone 6S Plus is trailing Android rivals in that area.

Whatever happens, the iPhone 7 Plus could be a big change on the inside from its predecessor, even if it’s similar on the outside, as according to CNBC, the Economic Daily News has reported that it (along with the standard iPhone 7) will be “more complex” to build than previous models.

That complexity might come in part from the battery, which could grow even if the phone shrinks thanks to Fan-Out technology and there’s likely to be a whole lot of power under the hood, with talk of a hexa-core A10 processor, likely coupled with 2GB of RAM and iOS 10.

The iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 Pro may also sport a pressure-sensitive home button, building on the 3D Touch technology that’s already found in the screen.


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