iPhone 7 Pro release date, news and rumors


Apple is widely expected to launch both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, but there’s growing evidence that a third phone could join them, dubbed the iPhone 7 Pro.

It’s a handset which if real would likely slot in above the iPhone 7 Plus in both price and features and could be the most interesting and innovative of the bunch.

There aren’t as many rumors about it as the other two, which, along with it being a break from tradition for Apple, are why we can’t be certain of its existence, and there are also questions over whether it’s just prototypes for the iPhone 7 Plus.

But from its specs, to features, to likely price we’ve collected all the convincing information on it, so if the iPhone 7 Pro does exist the following is the form it’s likely to take.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A powerful, professional iPhone
  • When is it out? Probably September 2016
  • What will it cost? More than any other iPhone

iPhone 7 Pro release date

The iPhone 7 Pro is bound to launch alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, if it launches at all. That in all likelihood means September, as in the last few years Apple has always launched its flagship phones in September, and with iOS 10 landing in the autumn it doesn’t seem likely that its schedule will change.

iPhone 7 Pro design

Apple isn’t expected to veer far from the iPhone 6S design with any of its iPhone 7 models, which means you can expect the iPhone 7 Pro to be a slim metal handset with the iconic Touch ID sensor below the screen.

iPhone 7 Pro
Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

The early looks at the iPhone 7 Pro haven’t been hugely forthcoming, but we’ve had one that promises to be of the new phone next to the other iPhone 7 duo. There are a lot of questions over whether the pictures are legitimate at all though, with the ‘S’ logo on the back of the phone not something we’ll be seeing this year… unless we get the iPhone 6SS, which seems pretty unlikely.

Moving back to the likely design, the antenna bands should be moved to the top and bottom edges of the phone, where they’ll be less visible. You can see their new placement in the image below, which was obtained by Mac Otakara.

iPhone 7 Plus

And while the overall look might be similar the iPhone 7 Pro (along with the other iPhone 7 models) could sports water and dust resistance, according to several rumors.

One change which may be less popular is the removal of the headphone port. There’s been a lot of debate on whether or not this will happen and there’s still no clear answer, but the most recent rumors suggest its days are numbered.

The overall appearance is likely to be similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, but with the addition of a Smart Connector, which takes the form of three dots on the back. This is inherited from the iPad Pro range, which there allows for the connection of a keyboard.

A phone would seem an awkward fit for that, but it’s a possibility, or perhaps Apple will cook up some other accessories to use with it.

iPhone 7 Pro schematic

As well as a few images we’ve also seen a schematic. This mentions the iPhone 7 Pro by name and largely lines up with the images, but includes the detail that it will apparently be 7.3mm thick – the same as the iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 Pro screen

It’s likely that the iPhone 7 Pro will have the same size screen as the iPhone 7 Plus, which itself is expected to have a 5.5-inch one, just like previous Plus models.

There’s been vague talk of a resolution boost on this year’s iPhone, but not much mention of one, so we’re sceptical. However, if any of the iPhone 7 models get an increase in resolution the iPhone 7 Pro seems the most likely candidate, as it’s set to sit at the top of the range, and being higher resolution than the iPhone 7 Plus would help set it apart.

But for now it’s looking like a 1080p resolution is what we’ll most likely see, just like the iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 Pro rivals

The iPhone 7 Pro is likely to have a lot in common with the iPhone 7 Plus, so that in itself could be a rival, as the screen size and designs will likely be much the same and both phones will run iOS 10.

Beyond that Samsung is likely to give it some competition with the Galaxy Note 7, which is expected to be big, powerful and packed full of features, like an iris scanner and a curved screen.

iPhone 7 Pro camera and battery

One thing that’s looking very likely is that the iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-lens camera, likely a 12MP one. This has been pictured numerous times, such as in the image below, obtained by Nowhereelse.fr, though it’s also been linked to the iPhone 7 Plus, so it’s not clear if both phones will get it, but if only one does the Pro seems more likely, as it’s set to be more expensive.

iPhone 7 Plus camera

There’s not much battery news and as the iPhone 7 Pro is a new type of device from Apple we can’t simply look at the previous model for pointers, though as it’s likely to be the same sort of size as the Plus model it may have a similar battery spec to the iPhone 6S Plus, which has a 2750mAh juice pack.

If anything it might be a bit bigger though, as Apple is rumored to be using Fan-Out technology to reduce the space components takes up, leaving more room for a big battery.

iPhone 7 Pro OS and power

We haven’t heard anything about the iPhone 7 Pro’s power, but a hexa-core A10 processor has been hinted at for the iPhone 7, and the 7 Pro is bound to be at least as beastly.

That will be coupled with at least 2GB of RAM, since that’s what the current models offer, but don’t be surprised if Apple beefs that up to 3GB or 4GB, especially in the Pro model, as it’s done with the iPad Pro.

What we can be almost certain of is that the iPhone 7 Pro will run iOS 10, as this has been announced, is in beta and will be launching in full later this year. It includes more detailed lock screen notifications, a new look for Control Center, improvements to Siri and a whole lot more.

iPhone 7 Pro other features

There are a number of other features we might see on the iPhone 7 Pro, some of which are likely to appear on the other iPhone 7 models too. These include wireless charging and a pressure sensitive home button, which may work a bit like the 3D Touch tech used in the screen.

One thing which could be unique to the iPhone 7 Pro though is four speakers – two on the bottom edge and two on the top.

iPhone 7 case

That rumor largely stems from images such as the one above, from Nowhereelse.fr, which supposedly show a leaked case prototype. With few other suggestions of that many speakers they’re probably fake, or based on an early prototype of the phone, but the iPad Pro has four, so it’s a possibility.

If they are accurate the other iPhone 7 models could also be in for a speaker boost, especially as the camera design suggests this case is actually for the standard iPhone 7, but as it’s an iPad Pro feature the iPhone 7 Pro seems the single most likely candidate for it.

iPhone 7 Pro cost

Two separate sources, one posting to Weibo and another to WeChat, have mentioned the existence of the iPhone 7 Pro and attached Chinese prices to it.

According to both it will start at 7088 yuan for a 32GB model, rise to 7888 yuan for a 128GB one and top out at 8888 yuan for a 256GB handset.

A direct price conversion here is unlikely to be accurate and none of those prices quite line up with existing iPhone models, but if these prices are right we’re probably looking at around £720/US$880/AU$1420 for the 32GB version, £800/US$965/AU$1600 for a 128GB one and £915/US$1120/AU$1800 for a 256GB version.


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