iPhone 7 Pro spotted alongside iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


As more images of the iPhone 7 leak out, one question may now be answered: Why are we seeing conflicting designs for the upcoming smartphone?

According to the latest leak from the oft-reliable Nowhere Else, a third model, the iPhone 7 Pro, might join the standard iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants. Of course, as with any leak, we advise taking this news with a grain of salt on the side.

The Pro model stands out from its kin with what appears to be a smart connector port and dual camera, as noted by 9to5Mac. Other rumors speculate that the Pro will boast significantly more storage – 256GB, to be exact – for those who take their smartphone game seriously.

This could possibly explain why some iPhone 7 rumors mentioned a two-camera setup while others showed of a single-lens build, as seen on the normal and Plus models in these photos.

iPhone 7 Pro leak
Image credit: Nowhere Else


Also interesting is that the backs of all three cases show off an “S” marking, indicating that Apple may be considering adding to its S series. This would be an odd choice, considering how recently both the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE came out.

One take is that the S is just a placeholder mark for what are proof-of-concept “dummies” sent to manufacturers to develop accessories for. Another: the phones are fake (see our earlier grain-of-salt warning).

With fall fast approaching, we expect to learn more about the handset’s future straight from the source, including confirmation of a third Pro model along with whatever price Apple could possibly cook up for an even more expensive iPhone.

Top image credit: Nowhere Else

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