iPhone 7 tips and tricks


Apple has just announced the iPhone 7 at its September launch event, and its latest smartphone comes with a host of exciting new features, as well as plenty of revamped technology that makes it the best smartphone Apple have released so far.

To make sure you’re going to get the most out of the iPhone 7 when it launches later this month, make sure you check out our collection of iPhone 7 tips and tricks that shows you what you can do with Apple’s newest piece of kit.

As we spend more time with the iPhone 7 and find out new tips and tricks, we’ll update this guide, so if you’re going to buy Apple’s new smartphone, make sure you come back to this page regularly.

1. Wake your iPhone 7 by picking it up

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

The iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10, Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system, which packs a number of cool features for the iPhone 7.

One of the most useful new features of iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 is the ability to wake up the display when the handset is picked up. Now when you want to check your phone, all you need to do is lift up the iPhone 7 and the screen will wake, allowing you to check notifications and unlock your iPhone 7 quickly and easily.

2. Make sure your iPhone 7 doesn’t get damaged by water

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

Turning on a smartphone that has been dropped in water is a sure-fire way of ensuring that the phone never works again. To help prevent this, the iPhone 7 has a feature that warns you if you moisture is detected in the handset.

If you see the warning, disconnect anything plugged into the Lightning port and keep the iPhone 7 turned off until it is completely dry.

The iPhone 7 also comes with waterproof technology, so even if you do drop the iPhone into water, it doesn’t mean your iPhone 7 is dead.

3. Quickly access the camera with the iPhone 7 locked

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

If you see the perfect potential shot you don’t want to have to mess around unlocking the iPhone 7 to take a photograph, and it’s now even easier thanks to iOS 10.

Even with the iPhone 7 locked you can quickly bring up the camera app by swiping your finger right on the lockscreen.

This brings up the camera app without you needing to unlock your iPhone 7. Don’t worry though, as you won’t be able to see existing photos or access other apps without having to properly unlock the handset, so your private stuff is still protected if your iPhone 7 falls into the wrong hands.

4. Customise the Home button

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

The Home button on the iPhone 7 has been given an overhaul, making it more responsive than ever before. A new taptic engine gives you feedback vibrations to make using the iPhone 7 even easier, and it’s now more sensitive to how much force you use to press the Home button. Rather than the Home button clicking when you press it, like a physical button, the new Home button of the iPhone 7 subtly vibrates at your touch.

Best of all you can customise the Home button so that it works exactly the way you want it to.

5. Take even better photos with the new iPhone 7 camera

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

iPhones have always been celebrated for their cameras, and the iPhone 7 is no exception, with a revolutionised snapper that comes packed with the new handset.

This includes a brand new 12MP sensor for the rear-facing camera which comes with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. A wide aperture lens brings in 50% more light, and it’s 60% faster, so taking amazing photos in low light conditions will be easier than ever.

The flash has also been boosted. It’s two tone and comes with four LEDs, which means it’s 50% brighter and has 50% more reach.

If you’re annoyed by the horrible flickering effect when taking photos or videos with artificial light, then you’ll be pleased to know that the iPhone 7 also comes with a flicker sensor for compensating against that effect.

The camera also uses machine learning for auto exposure, setting auto focus, choosing the white balance, and more. Combined with tone mapping, noise reduction and the ability to stitch together multiple shots to create the ultimate take, it’s never been easier to take amazing photographs thanks to the iPhone 7.

6. Take even better selfies

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

It’s not just the rear-facing camera that gets an overhaul with the iPhone 7, the front-facing FaceTime camera has been boosted from 5MP to 7MP, allowing you to take even better selfies than ever before, as well as drastically improve the quality of your FaceTime video chats.

The FaceTime camera also comes with image stabilisation and again can take advantage of wide color capture for more natural and realistic colors in your photos.

7. Liven up Live photos

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

When Apple introduced Live photos, which are short videos that capture the moment you take a standard photograph, we weren’t too sure how well they would work, but many of us have been won over with this unique take on our standard photo albums.

With the iPhone 7, Live Photos are now better than ever. You can make use of the optical stabilization tools to make your Live Photos look smoother, and there are now better editing tools that let you tweak your Live Photos so that they look their best. Apple is also making these tools available to third party app makers, so expect to see a host of new apps that make use of your Live Photos.

8. Stand out from the crowd with better Instagram photos

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

Instagram is one of those third party apps that works brilliantly with the iPhone 7, so if you’re a fan of the photo-orientated social network, you’ll find lots to love here.

The iPhone 7’s camera can take much brighter and more vivid photos, and the Instagram app has been updated to reflect this, with the popular photo filters of the app making use of the wide color capture capabilities that transform the look of your images.

The new rich notifications in iOS 10 also make using Instagram much easier, as they can now quickly display photos that your Instagram contacts have shared with you, without you having to leave the app you’re currently in.

9. Enjoy improved audio

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

At the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple CEO Time Cook was keen to stress how important music was to Apple, and the new handset comes with some impressive, though also controversial, refinements to audio playback.

The biggest change is the lack of a traditional audio jack port for connecting headphones. Instead, you can use headphones than connect via the Lightning port, which is able to handle audio data better for improved sound quality.

You can still use existing earphones, either with the included adaptor or by reading our guide on how to convert your existing headphones to Bluetooth to work with iPhone 7.

A far less controversial change is the inclusion of stereo speakers that are capable of twice the volume of the iPhone 6S’ speaker, and with an increased dynamic range that further improves audio quality. If you’re planning to use your iPhone 7 to watch movies and listen to music using the built-in speakers, then you’ll be happy with Apple’s improvements in this area.

10. Get the most out of AirPods

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

Along with the announcement that the iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a headphone jack, Apple conveniently announced a new pair of headphones that don’t need to use the now defunct port. Cynicism aside, there’s some pretty cool features included in the AirPods.

First of all, connecting them to your iPhone 7 is incredibly easy: all you need to do is open the case that holds them next to your iPhone 7 and they will automatically connect. They can also sense when you’re wearing them, and when you take them out of your ears the music will pause and the AirPods will go to sleep, saving battery life.

Speaking of battery, the AirPods can last 5 hours per charge, and when you put them back in the case they’ll recharge themselves, with the case itself holding up to 24 hours’ worth of battery life for the AirPods.

A quick double tap of the AirPods will bring up Siri, letting you instruct the virtual assistant using the headphones, and accelerometers in each AirPod detect when you’re talking and use beam-forming microphones to focus on the sound of your voice, blocking out other ambient noises for crystal clear clarity.

All this cool tech comes at a price, though, as they’ll be going on sale in October for $159 (around £119/AU$200).


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