Lumo's LED cycling gear is all about stylish safety


Lumo is marrying style and safety together with its latest line of LED-equipped cycling apparel.

The new lineup includes a new bomber jacket, messenger bag and vest all equipped with Lumo’s lighting system that’s visible to traffic from up to 400 meters (nearly a quarter mile) away. The lights and wiring are sewn into each piece of apparel so that they’re completely integrated and almost completely concealed – that is, until you need to switch them on.

Lumo Clissold Bomber Jacket

Beyond being bright, the LEDs are designed to be completely waterproof, washable, and powered by a removable USB-rechargeable battery unit that’s tucked away in a small inside pocket.

Previously, the company kick started its light up clothing line with a Harrington jacket, Regents Parka and Camden Polo. Now the company is introducing two new pieces with a Clissold Bomber jacket and Holloway Gilet. Additionally, Lumo has announced its first bag with the Brixton Messenger, which comes with 14 white LEDs built into the shoulder strap and another 14 red lights fixed to the front panel.

Lumo Holloway Gilet

Lumo just launched its new lineup on Kickstarter where you can pick up the Holloway Gilet for £99 (about $130, AU$ 175), meanwhile, the Clissold Bomber Jacket and Brixton Messenger Bag run for £125 (about $170, AU$220)

We’re seeing more electric bikes come out and the addition of smartphone-connected technology like the VanMoof Electrified S, and so it seems natural that biking clothing is becoming embedded with as well.

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