Master travel photography


Whether you’re going on a family holiday or embarking on a far-flung travel adventure, you’ll want to come back with photos that do the places you visit justice, and not forgettable snaps.

So you can capture amazing travel photos, read our expert guide that’s packed with advice and tips, covering everything you need to know, from what kit you should take to making the most of the locations you visit.

1. Essential kit


First up, camera and lens choice. A DSLR or mirrorless alternative offers the best blend of performance and versatility, while their large sensors can deliver excellent results. That said, a high-end compact camera like Fuji’s X100T or Sony’s RX10 III means you can keep the kit you carry around to a minimum if weight is a concern.


If you are going to opt for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you need to think about lenses. One option is an all-in-one 18-300mm superzoom that covers everything from wide angle to telephoto in a single lens, meaning you don’t have to take it off your camera. Due to the huge focal range, it can put demands on the optics, so you may prefer to take separate wide-angle and telephoto zooms.

Wide angle

Travel tripod

A lightweight but still flexible and sturdy travel tripod is an essential accessory for shooting early or late when the tourists are in their hotels.

travel tripod


Google is your friend. For ideas, search for images in the area you are visiting. Mark potential locations on a map of the area that you can keep in your pocket or camera bag.

Plug adapters

Always carry an international plug adaptor and throw a three-socket extension plug into your hold luggage so you can charge more than one item from the same connection at the hotel.

Laptop & storage

Carry a laptop to help store, review and even edit your images on the go. Going through your images on the laptop is a great way to while away the long hours waiting for the next flight. Don’t forget storage either – backing up your images is vital, so a portable storage device is a must-have accessory. Have a copy of every image in at least two places – say your laptop, a portable hard disk and the original card.

Travel laptop


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