More leaks of the hardware and software that make up the HTC 10


HTC has an official event on 12 April where it’s expected to unveil the HTC 10 flagship for 2016 – but at this rate it might as well not bother. We already know pretty much everything there is to know about the premium handset.

There’s still time for a couple of noteworthy leaks before Tuesday though: first up some fuzzy shots of the HTC 10 in white, plucked from Chinese social network Weibo. The pictures would seem to confirm the HTC logo has indeed been removed from the front of the phone, and there’s also a shot of the 12MP camera in action.

HTC 10 in white

When you’ve enjoyed pouring over those, there’s a sneak preview of the HTC Sense 8 software to take in via another Chinese source. The modified Android OS is expected to launch at the same time as the new HTC M10 handset.

The leaked UI grabs mention a “freestyle” layout that lets you place “apps, widgets and stickers” wherever you want on your home screen – enough to make you switch from an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Or a gimmick of little real value?

HTC Sense 8

Based on all the official and unofficial teases we’ve seen, we’re expecting a significant camera upgrade, a chamfered edge design and a slightly curved back. Around the front we should see a physical home button complete with fingerprint sensor, with USB Type-C thrown in for good measure. A Qualcomm 820 CPU is tipped to be inside.

All that remains is for HTC to confirm all of this speculation and then we can see whether it’s got a chance against the likes of the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. The event on 12 April starts at 5AM PT/8AM ET/1PM GMT and we’ll of course bring you live updates as it happens.

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