Moto Z could get a Hasselblad point-and-shoot MotoMod soon


The modular MotoMods available for the Moto Z today are nothing short of awesome. And, if there’s any truth in a recent leak, there could be another stellar addition to the lineup in the form of a 10x optical zoom Hasselblad point-and-shoot mod.

Originally leaked before the Moto Z was even announced, we were disappointed that the camera MotoMod missed the phone’s launch window in July. The version we saw in that mockup appeared to offer optical zoom, a shutter button and flash – basically everything you expect in a standalone camera – all added to the Moto Z’s already impressive list of capabilities.

Moto Z
Credit: Moto G3 (Turned on its side for better viewability)

The leaked image above, discovered by Moto G3, shows a more finished version of the MotoMod, with some light branding, and a more detailed and refined look. What it doesn’t illustrate is the price, which will likely be somewhere between US$200-$300, putting it up there with the Insta-Projector mod.

As IFA 2016 is quickly approaching, we anticipate Motorola will seize the opportunity to announce the Hasselblad MotoMod. Stay tuned for more details.

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Title image credit goes to Moto G3

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