Review: Updated: HTC 10


If there’s one thing you can say about HTC, it’s that it’s been a victim of its own success.

The One M8 was one of the greatest phones ever made, one that I’ll still dust off from time to time now just to get a feel for it once more. It was design perfection, filled with genuine innovation and offered a great identity too, standing out well from the Android crowd.

The trouble was, that phone was already building on the great HTC One, which started the ‘amazing design’ trajectory in flagship smartphones that HTC is now famed for. So where did HTC go next? What was the next big innovation, the next great thing that this underdog in the smartphone world was going to bring?

Well, it didn’t happen on the One M9, that’s for sure. The brand panicked, stuffed the best components into an all-too-familiar shell and hoped the big numbers would make it a success. It wasn’t.

HTC 10 review

This time around, things were going to be different. For the all-new HTC 10 I was told that the brand took things back to basics, made the changes it needed to and focused heavily on making the phone useable and a pleasure to mess around with as before.

But does the HTC 10 impress? Is this the return to true innovation from a company that used to be unafraid to take risks, a reboot back to the winning ways?

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Before we get into that, let’s take a look at what the phone looks like on paper. It’s got an all-metal body, thankfully doesn’t go down the same iPhone-a-like design as the One A9 from 2015, and doesn’t just stuff in tech for the sake of having a higher spec.