Review: Updated: Samsung Galaxy S7


The Samsung Galaxy S7 finds itself in a slightly tricky situation. Samsung needed a big win from the Galaxy S6 in 2015, which it got after reinventing the design of its flagship smartphone, but you’re not going to get the same degree of evolution again just a year later.

This means the Galaxy S7 falls firmly into the iterative camp, building on the solid foundations laid by its predecessor without fiddling with the winning formula too much.

Some will argue this phone should be called the Galaxy S6S, but are they right? I’ve put the Samsung Galaxy S7 through its paces to see if it’s a worthy seventh-generation flagship, or a just cheeky six-point-five instalment.

There’s initial good news in the fact that the S7 isn’t competing as closely with the Galaxy S7 Edge as the S6 was with the S6 Edge last year, with the curved display variant getting a bump in screen size this time round, taking it more into phablet territory.

Check out our Samsung Galaxy S7 video review: