Running Man of Tech: I aged 40 years in five minutes and went for the hardest run of my life


I’ve just sat down having spent an hour as a 75-year old man. As a 32-year-old, that’s pretty disconcerting.

Age suit

I’m petrified of getting old – I always have been. Maybe it’s watching my grandparents suffer with arthritis badly since I was a child. Maybe the knowledge that older people in my family have various forms of the disease and it’s possibly heading my way.

So when I was asked to try Ford’s suit that uses technology to simulate the way your body feels and acts when you’re 70-90 years old, I initially resisted – I didn’t want to know what’s coming.

But I was still in pretty high spirits when we wandered outside into the freezing cold to try the suit on – I’m in pretty good shape at the moment, so I was chirpily chatting while the Ford PRs strapped me up over 20 minutes