Samsung Galaxy Note 7 injects a little 'EyePhone' into Android


Not satisfied with passcode or fingerprint scanner protecting your Galaxy phone? If so, you might be in luck when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrives, as a leaked image of the device appears to come with an iris scanner.

Lenses appearing to house the biometric security measure can be seen in a series of pictures uploaded via Twitter by Steve Hemmerstoffer – a leaker with a proven track record, such as predicting both the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro.

Image Credit OnLeaks

An abundance of sensors on the front face of the leaked prototype leads us to believe that at least one is the device’s oft-umored iris scanner.

A leaked faceplate tipped us off to the idea earlier this month, but seeing the phone form into something more complete helps confirm suspicions.

While forward-thinking of Samsung and a first for the Galaxy lineup, iris scanning has made it way to smartphones before – most notably the Lumia 950 XL. The feature isn’t as popular as scanning your fingerprint yet, but could take off using the better-known name of Samsung’s phablet line.

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