SDCC 2016: Comic-Con 2016: the best cosplay and costumes


Live from San Diego Comic-Con 2016

San Diego Comic Con Show Floor

Couldn’t make to San Diego Comic-Con this year? Wondering what crazy and amazing cosplayers you missed?

Never fear as we’ve gathered together some of our favorites from the show floor and across the convention.

From Star Wars crossovers with Disney princesses to steampunk Iron Man, con-goers are having a lot of fun playing with their favorite characters.

Pokemon Go really is everywhere

San Diego Comic Con 2016 Ash and Pikachu

Yes, that’s Ash and Pikachu. Yes, Pickachu complained about being hit by the Poke Ball all day. Yes, we threw the Poke Ball at her, too.

We would’ve been surprised if we didn’t see some cosplayers in Pokemon Go gear, given the immense popularity of the mobile game. Instead, we saw lots, even someone dressed as the back of a Poke Ball.

Hey, it’s Rey!

San Diego Comic Con Rey

It wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the many Star Wars cosplayers that flock to the convention. While there were the usual Obi-Wans, Storm Troopers, and Darth Vaders, Rey proved to be a very popular choice among women of all ages and sizes, which was great to see.

When Disney bought Marvel

San Diego Comic Con

We saw a Frozen and Mad Max mash up last year. This year, and most tellingly, we have an Elsa Leia and an Ana Han Solo.

Points for creativity?

Star Wars X-Wing

San Diego Comic Con

What do you do if you want to stand out in the Star Wars fandom? Well, you can always dress up like an X-Wing.

The only way to outdo is this DIY outfit is to dress up as the Millennium Falcon next year.

It’s good to be bad

San Diego Comic Con

Why are villains always so popular? Because they have the best costumes, of course. We kept our distance from this group.

Suicide Squad

San Diego Comic Con

Speaking of villains, Suicide Squad’s unlikely heroes proved to be one of the most popular choices this year, even though the film isn’t out yet. You couldn’t turn a corner without seeing Harlequin and Poison Ivy duos, definitely the most popular outfit choices from the movie.

Blizzard’s Overwatch proves popular

San Diego Comic Con

Blizzard’s latest game also unsurprisingly proved to be a popular cosplay choice this year.

This D.Va was one of the best we came across on the show floor, aided by the fact that she also had a Tracer friend with her. Unfortunately, Tracer had just taken off most of her armor and was napping (Comic-Con will tucker you out).


San Diego Comic Con

Out and about in San Diego, this Hanzo was taking a moment to get away from the crowds. Or, he was secretly preparing to unleash his dragon wave. We’re not quite sure.


San Diego Comic Con Bowser

Nintendo characters are always a fan-favorite, with Mario, Luigi and Toad the usual suspect for cosplaying.

But we always loved Bowser in Super Smash Bros., so when we spotted the orange hair and spikes on this Comic-Con goer, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

Street Fighter

San Diego Comic Con

Overwatch wasn’t the only popular video game for cosplaying. These Capcom Street Fighters were a little too nice (Ken’s smile!), but at least they looked the part.

Lady Mormot, the true hero of the north

San Diego Comic Con

Even though there were some other very impressive Game of Thrones cosplays, this one was our favorite.

Lady Mormont is spot on, and GRR Martin with a scythe only helped make her more awesome (we’d rather not dwell on what that implied), but the wolf? Let’s just focus back on Lady Mormont, shall we?


San Diego Comic Con Game of Thrones

This lady and her bell do not need an introduction. We don’t know why she was standing in front of the bathrooms ringing her bell, however. Maybe Cersei was hiding in there.

Iron Man gets steampunk’d

San Diego Comic Con

Steampunk is always popular at Comic Con, but this year, some unlikely heroes got the steampunk treatment.

This Iron Man was super elaborate, and we now hope the next Marvel game will have it as a skin choice.

Vanellope van Shweetz (The Glitch)

San Diego Comic Con

The Wreck-it-Ralph cosplay was fantastic. We wanted to steal her pie steering wheel, but she zoomed away before we could catch her.

Weta Workshop

San Diego Comic Con

For those who didn’t dress up for Comic-Con, Weta Workshop gave con-goers an opportunity to have elf or hobbit ears put on them. This guy, however, went for a full dwarven make-over.

Conan O’Brien

San Diego Comic Con

Lastly, this wasn’t a cosplay, but it looked fantastic. At Conan’s booth, you could literally put on Conan’s head, which had a Galaxy Gear inside, to see what a day in the life of the entertainer is like.

Meanwhile, to everyone else on the Comic-Con floor, you would look like a giant Conan bobble head.

If you’re planning on going to San Diego Comic-Con next year, or another con elsewhere, will you cosplay?


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