Sony will reveal a new console this week


Sony Korea has confirmed the company’s plans to unveil a new PlayStation console this week.

The report corroborates last week’s reports about Sony’s September 7 event. Notably absent from Sony Korea’s blog post is any mention of whether the event will reveal the updated PlayStation 4 Slim, Playstation Neo or both.

The slimmed down version of the current PlayStation 4 has been all but confirmed, with crisp leaked images showing off the hardware. The Slim will allegedly come with a slightly tweaked controller that features a translucent light bar at the top of the touchpad.

PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo

It’s still a mystery whether the PlayStation 4 Slim will allow 4K and HDR movie playback like Microsoft’s already-released Xbox One S.

PlayStation Neo is expected to allow 4K resolution gaming and a better VR experience than what’s currently capable on the PlayStation 4.

If Sony does announce its mysterious next generation console, the company will be the first to herald in a new era of consoles. Microsoft is expected to announce its successor to the Xbox One, codenamed Project Scorpio, before the holidays. Nintendo will be the last to reveal its next-gen NX console in March 2017.

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