TechRadar Deals: E3 2016: The best game preorders and Xbox One S deals


UPDATE: We’ve added a few extra games since yesterday and updated the Xbox One S deals with the latest prices, including options for our US readers.

E3 2016 has been packed with some awesome games this year, so we’ve tracked down the cheapest deals for a large selection of the most exciting ones. It’s not just games though, we’ve tracked down the best Xbox One S preorder deals too.

Some prices may change between now and release, but many retailers offer a preorder guarantee where you’ll pay the lower price if it drops. If you prefer to shop at a certain retailer you’ll find links to some of their E3 pages below too.

cheap game preorders

cheap xbox one s deals

Xbox One S console

Microsoft announced that a new version of the Xbox One console will be launching this August. The slimmed-down design looks so much better than the original overweight box. The power brick has gone, it’ll support 4K visuals and comes in multiple hard drive sizes. You can preorder the Xbox One S now via the links below.

cheap game preorders

Cheapest E3 games deals

spiderman ps4 insomniac

Spiderman | PS4 | £39.99 @ Base

This was a great surprise during Sony’s presser, especially with Ratchet developers, Insomniac Games, at the helm. New York may be the most overused location in gaming, but we’re more than happy to web-swing through those streets again. Spidey’s been off his game lately, but Insomniac are certainly capable of bringing him back to glory – just make sure Bruce Campbell makes an appearance again, ok?

cheap game preorders

death stranding preorder

Death Stranding | PS4 | £39.75 @ GameSeek

Ok, we still don’t really have a clue what Hideo Kojima’s next game is all about. All we know from the new trailer is that it has Norman Reedus, a foetus and a lot of dead fish on a beach that looks like the prologue in Prometheus. If that’s you sold, then GameSeek are the only store under £40.

cheap game preorders

deus ex mankind divided deals

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | PS4 / Xbox One | £32.85 @ SimplyGames
SimplyGames is at it again today and the UK store is now over a fiver cheaper than anyone else for a copy of the new Deus Ex title on PS4 or Xbox One. Don’t expect this deal to last all day though.

cheap game preorders

horizon zero dawn deal

Horizon: Zero Dawn | PS4 | £39.75 @ GameSeek
That delay into 2017 may sting a little bit more when you see the new footage. Like a mix of Killzone, Enslaved and Far Cry: Primal, Horizon could be one of the more unique titles of next year. This deal is nearly £4 cheaper than yesterday’s best price.

cheap game preorders

final fantasy 15 deals

Final Fantasy XV | PS4 / Xbox One | £34.69 @ Base
We saw the team take on a huge Titan boss at E3 and the sheer scale of the battle was truly a sight to behold. Is that combat going to hold up a 40+ hour game though. After all these years of waiting, we’re ready to find out. We can’t quite believe we’re seeing a preorder price this good either!

cheap game preorders

gears 4 cheap

Gears of War 4 | Xbox One | £39.75 @ GameSeek
Gears had a much improved showing over recent outings by giving us a deeper look at the action. Sure, it’s not breaking the mould anymore, but it should be a fun shooter, especially in co-op. Oh, and hello Marcus, nice to see you again. There aren’t many deals under £44, but GameSeek is leading the way so far.

cheap game preorders

forza horizon 3 cheap

Forza Horizon 3 | Xbox One | £39.99 @ Base
The Australian setting for the next entry in the open world racer looks incredible and is packed with varied landscapes (it’s not all desert, dingoes and deadly spiders after all). The seamless multiplayer sees you plucked from your side of the map to join your friends in a different location with no loading screens in sight – impressive. is the cheapest around by a few quid.

cheap game preorders

recore cheap xbox one

Recore | Xbox One | £29.99 @ Amazon
Recore will release at a lower price than most retail XO titles, so don’t pay more than £30 – some cheeky stores are still listing it at £40. Fresh gameplay footage showed a healthy mix of action and platforming along with displaying what your group of robo-followers can do.

cheap game preorders

scalebound xbox one cheap

Scalebound | Xbox One | £42.85 @ ShopTo
Platinum’s long-awaited XO exclusive is looking better each time we see it and yesterday’s co-op display of the studio’s largest ever boss fight has seriously whetted our appetite thanks to a healthy mix of dragons and on-foot combat. The lead guy could do with piping down a bit though as the constant yelling really grates. Prices aren’t that impressive yet, but ShopTo are the cheapest.

cheap game preorders

watch dogs 2 cheap

Watch Dogs 2 | PS4 / Xbox One | £42.75 @ GameSeek
If you have an allergy to Hipsters, Watch Dogs 2’s characters may make your skin crawl. That aside though, Watch Dogs 2 looks like a lot of fun and the move to San Fran is just what we needed after the dreary and lifeless setting of Chicago last time. Ubi made some great changes for the second game in the Assassin’s series and we’re hoping for a similar resurgence here. Prices are a little steep so far, but GameSeek are the cheapest right now.

cheap game preorders

ghost recon wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands | PS4 / Xbox One | £39.85 @ ShopTo
Wildland’s really climbing up our most wanted list and the latest footage shows the huge scale of missions as a co-op team begin by sneaking through an enemy camp, before going loud and chasing down a gang member with motorbikes, trucks and choppers. The Division’s time may be up very soon. ShopTo’s preorder is the only one under £40.

cheap game preorders

south park fractured ps4 xbox

South Park: The Fractured but Whole | PS4 / Xbox One | £39.85 @ ShopTo
If you needed an incentive to buy South Park’s RPG take on the superhero movie genre, check this out. Selected listings also include a digital copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth, playable on the PS4 and Xbox One for the first time.

cheap game preorders

resident evil 7 preorder

Resident Evil 7 | PS4 / Xbox One | £42.85 @ Simply Games
Resi 7 looks to have borrowed more than a little from the fetid remains of Konami’s cancelled P.T., but that’s just fine by us. With a first-person viewpoint and a creepy house to explore in the trailer, the game looks a million miles away from the machine gun-sponsored nonsense of the recent games in the series. PS+ subscribers can grab the free demo from PSN right now.

cheap game preorders

detroit become human deal

Detroit: Become Human | PS4 | £39.99 @ Base
After the mixed reception of Beyond, Detroit may see Quantic Dream back on form with this interactive drama. A new character is introduced and we see how new scenarios play out as an android tries to talk down a fellow bot from killing his hostage. Mistakes will be made!

cheap game preorders

last guardian cheap deal preorder

The Last Guardian | PS4 | £41.75 @ GameSeek
After so many years in development, The Last Guardian will finally be with us on October 24th. Knowing these devs though, they’re totally going to make us watch the creature die. We’re so not ready for that many feelings.

cheap game preorders

call duty infinite warfare preorder

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | PS4 / Xbox One | £39.85 @ SimplyGames
With so many new IPs hitting the stage, you’d be forgiven for overlooking this year’s Call of Duty. Usually preorders for Activision’s shooter series are about £45, but SimplyGames has bit the bullet and has a decent £39.85 preorder deal.

cheap game preorders

days gone ps4 preorder

Days Gone | PS4 | £39.99 @ Base
It’s so new, Base don’t even have proper box art to display on their listing. Early gameplay videos show a bleak Last of Us-like setting, but with zombie numbers closer to something like Dead Rising. Consider our interest piqued to say the least. Most retailer’s haven’t got around to listing the game yet, but a penny under £40 isn’t bad at all for a brand new Sony IP. More so considering the next best ‘deal’ at Amazon is over £70. The loons.

cheap game preorders

We’ll update these deals over the next few days and add in some of the missing E3 games once retailers start to list them (yes you, God of War). Until then, here’s the best of the rest!

cheap game preorders

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