The 6 best action cam videos you'll ever watch


The action cam videos you just have to watch


Action cams can capture videos that other cameras can’t. Their wide-angle lenses and lightweight bodies mean they can clip onto helmets, chest harnesses, and sports equipment to produce dramatic point-of-view shots, allowing viewers to get inside the heads of the elite athletes that use them.

As the quality of action cams has increased, so has the imagination of those using them. We’ve moved from grainy footage of a skier slowly carving down a slope to clips with high production values, booming background music, slick edits, and – most importantly – original ideas.

In honour of the raised standards, we’ve pulled together six of the best action camera videos ever shot.

From free-running from zombies across rooftops, to ski jumping over the whirling blades of a helicopter, these clips are nothing short of jaw-dropping – we recommend settling down somewhere to watch with a cup of coffee, and some paper towels ready for when you spit some of it out.

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Parkour with Zombies


When you think of zombies, you think of slowly shuffling creatures, arms outstretched, moaning deeply. You don’t think of parkour.

But when the developers behind 2015 video game Dying Light announced their zombies were going to be fast and agile, it provided the perfect source material for filmmakers Ampsiound.

At the request of the developers, the parkour fanatics made this three-minute video of a zombie chase from the point of view of a survivor. Naturally, an action cam was the perfect fit for the project.

Ampisound’s Scott Bass tells TechRadar that choosing the location, as well as preparing costumes and makeup for the zombies, took a month alone.

Most of the shots took just one or two attempts, he says – impressive considering the choreography of the moves, and the timing of the actors.

“I basically structured the film in a way that allows us to have a few ‘jump scare’ moments, some scary parkour itself and then finally wrap up with a realistic and intense ending,” he says.

What really makes this video great is the sound – the anxious breathing of the protagonist, the gargled screams of the zombies, and the insistent music. It’s genuinely tense.

Channel: Ampisound