The iPhone 7 may not have a dual-lens camera after all


Single-lens or dual-lens? That’s one of the big questions we still have about the iPhone 7 and a new leak points strongly towards a single-lens camera.

The leak in question is an image of a batch of camera modules from @the_malignant via playfuldroid, which appear to just be single-lens ones.

Other than adding further evidence that the iPhone 7 will have a single-lens camera they don’t tell us much, though the source also claims that mass production of the phone has started at Foxconn, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, with the likely launch just months away.

iPhone 7 camera leak

There are a couple of things to note though. First off the image doesn’t look obviously doctored, though really it could be of cameras for anything. An accompanying image which appears to show a Foxconn cafeteria is meant to be evidence that they were taken there, but as it’s a completely separate photo it’s only really evidence that some Foxconn employees are messy eaters.

There’s still hope for a dual-lens

Secondly, if we take the image as being authentic that still doesn’t mean we won’t see a dual-lens version. In fact, while it’s looking ever more likely that the standard iPhone 7 will have a single-lens camera it seems Apple might be reserving a dual-lens one for the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 7 Pro.

So if you were hoping for twice the lenses you still might get them, just as long as you’re happy with a bigger screen too.

But even the single-lens camera could be better than the camera on the iPhone 6S, as various earlier leaks have shown a larger lens than previous handsets.

In fact, whichever model you opt for the camera could be one of the biggest updates, with the iPhone 7 as a whole rumored to be quite similar to the iPhone 6S, as Apple is apparently saving the big changes for the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone in 2017.

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