The iPhone 7 Plus could have a couple of surprising new features


At this point we have a pretty clear picture of what to expect from the iPhone 7 Plus, from a 5.5-inch screen, to a dual-lens camera and a similar design to the iPhone 6S Plus, albeit with redesigned antennas. It was starting to look like Apple wasn’t going to be able to surprise us this year.

But a new leak points to a previously unexpected feature, suggesting the company might have managed to keep a few things secret up until now.

An image, shared by MyDrivers and picked up by BGR, shows a presentation slide, reportedly snapped during an internal meeting at Foxconn (one of the main manufacturers of the iPhone).

The slide highlights some features of the iPhone 7 Plus, which include two particularly eye-catching details. First off it apparently supports wireless charging, which is something Apple has so far shied away from.

iPhone 7 Plus slide

Back in January we heard rumors that it was working on a wireless charging system which would allow its phones to be charged further from a wireless charging mat than current systems allow, potentially meaning you could pick your phone up and keep using it while it’s charging.

However, it wasn’t at all clear whether this would be ready for the iPhone 7 and with no word on it since we assumed it wouldn’t. Whether it’s this method or more conventional wireless charging that the slide is talking about isn’t clear, but it’s an unexpected addition either way.

Built to last

The other notable feature on the slide is IP68 certification, which would make the iPhone 7 Plus dust and water resistant. That’s one rumor we had heard before, but which so far we’ve been less confident of than many of the iPhone 7 whispers.

Beyond that the slide also mentions a 12MP dual-lens camera and iOS 10, but the former is looking very likely already and the latter is pretty much guaranteed, so neither of those come as a surprise.

You’ll note there’s an image of the phone in the slide too, but this is apparently a concept shot, so not something you should read into. The use of a concept in itself seems a red flag, though sometimes such shots are used in presentations.

Either way, we’d take this with a massive pinch of salt as the slide itself could easily have been faked, but we’re hopeful that Apple can still surprise us and that the last of those surprises hasn’t just been spoiled.

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