This is where Google will make self-driving car magic


Google is moving full speed ahead with self-driving cars, and it just announced that it’s building an R&D center in the home of the American automobile.

The G team’s new 53,000 sq ft. self-driving car technology development center is located in Novi, Mich., about 30 miles from Detroit.

While Google will continue testing cars in California, it’s expanding to Novi as many of its partners are located in Michigan.

“[H]aving a local facility will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan’s top talent in vehicle development and engineering,” the Google Self-Driving Car Project team said in a Google+ post. (News from Google is about the only thing it’s good for these days).

Google self driving car center
It’s not much to look at now, but just wait

Though rumors have persisted Google may actually build its own self-driving cars, Google insists the center will be used to “further develop and refine self-driving car technology.”

One of the first projects it will undertake in Novi is readying that fleet of self-driving Chrysler minivans. Watch out, Michigan.

Google will park itself in the new center throughout the year.

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