Updated: Amazon Prime Day 2016 was the 'biggest day in the history of Amazon'


Next year the second Tuesday in July falls one day sooner, so you can put your money on Prime Day 2017 taking place on July 11th

Amazon Prime Day 2016 was the ‘biggest day in the history of Amazon,’ so you can be pretty sure it’ll now return every year until the end of time.

On ‘deal day’ this year, Amazon says it shipped 60% more products worldwide compared to Prime Day 2015, with a 50% boost in its home territory of the US. Meanwhile, Similar Web in the UK reported that traffic to the Amazon website itself was up 36%, with other UK retailers enjoying a traffic boost of around 22% despite making very little effort.

So what did everyone buy on Prime Day this year? Amazon says it sold 90,000 TVs and hundreds of thousands of Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. In the US, Amazon shoppers bought 18,048 pairs of headphones in the first three hours of Prime Day alone, but it wasn’t just US shoppers that went Prime Day mad.

In Italy, Prime members ordered enough Caffe Vergnano coffee capsules to caffeinate a married couple twice a day for 27 years – much cheaper than marriage counselling. French and Belgium shoppers bought so many games consoles in the afternoon you could stack them on top of each other to make a tower taller than l’Obélisque de la Concorde, while German bargain hunters bought more than 160,000 toys, board games and stuffed animals. French and German consumers clearly have their priorities nicely straightened out.

In the UK, customers bought more than 600 Trunki suitcases before breakfast, perhaps because they’re planning to leave the country, while the Philips Hue sale was also stunningly successful – enough smart bulbs were snapped up to illuminate the Royal Albert Hall with new lights every night for four and a half years.

A Song of Ice and Fire tablets

One of the most popular Amazon Prime Day items worldwide was George R.R. Martin’s seven-book A Song of Ice and Fire boxset – Amazon says that by lunchtime on Prime Day it had already sold enough of them to outweigh more than 10 Narwals. The irony there being that even compared to 10 horned whales, the Game of Thrones books still contain more bloat.

Amazon’s own Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet and Kindle Paperwhite were three of the other big hits on a global scale, while Spain went particularly mad for the Lenovo Z50-75 laptop.

In total, Prime members worldwide bought 215,000 pressure cookers, 200,000 pairs of headphones, 24,000 hamocks, 23,000 Roombas and 14,000 Lenovo laptops. Orders from Amazon’s shopping app doubled compared to Prime Day last year, with over a million people using the app for the first time.

“Prime itself is the best deal in the history of shopping, and Prime Day was created as a special benefit exclusively for our Prime members,” said Greg Greeley, a man who is paid money to promote Prime. “We want to thank our tens of millions of members around the world for making this the biggest day in the history of Amazon. We hope you had as much fun as we did. After yesterday’s results, we’ll definitely be doing this again.”

We’d like to say thanks to everyone who visited TechRadar on Prime Day this year – our traffic was mega so we’ll be back again next year to point you to all the best deals. Next year the second Tuesday in July falls one day sooner, so you can put your money on Amazon Prime Day 2017 taking place on July 11th. You heard it here first.

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