Updated: Hot iPhone 7 deals: save £50 with these awesome voucher code deals


The iPhone 7 deals finally went live in the UK last week and they were and are, in a word, expensive. To remedy this, TechRadar has teamed up with Mobile Phones Direct to slash the cost of the iPhone 7 to something a bit more manageable!

We’ve got two very exciting iPhone 7 voucher code deals which lower the cost of the phone to market leading levels, which should hopefully allow you to pick up the iPhone 7 with a smile on your face instead of feeling like you’ve paid over the odds.

The first deal cuts the upfront cost of the iPhone 7 from £150 to £100 and leaves you paying £37 monthly for 6GB and unlimited calls and texts on Vodafone. You should definitely look around but we can’t find anything better than this deal at the moment – in fact it’s a long way ahead of any other deal.

The absolute cheapest iPhone 7 deal currently available comes with the exact same £37 monthly fee on Vodafone… but you only get 500MB data instead of 6GB – so you’d only save £10 by going for that one.

If you’d rather be on EE, we’ve still got you covered as our second iPhone 7 deal exclusive cuts £30 off a 5GB EE contact which makes it the best deal currently available on that network. Here are the details for both deals as well as a chart for you to compare them against the rest of the market:

iPhone 7 exclusive deals:

iphone 7 deals on vodafone

iPhone 7 32GB | £150 £100 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 6GB data | £37pm
The voucher code makes this the best iPhone 7 deal out there at the moment. Use the voucher code IP7001 to slash £50 on the upfront cost, reducing it to £100. That’s good value when you consider it’s a £37 monthly fee for a whopping 6GB data. Check out our iPhone 7 deals page to compare all iPhone 7 deals to see relative value but this one gets our seal of approval – otherwise we wouldn’t tell you about it! Total cost over 24 months is £988

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Voucher code: IP7001

iphone 7 deals

iPhone 7 deals on EE

iPhone 7 32GB | £169 £139 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 5GB data | £35.99 on EE
If you want lots of data and you want to be on EE, this is a really good deal. The voucher code IP7002 takes £30 off the upfront fee, leaving you paying £139. That’s not what you’d call ‘cheap’ but it is the best value iPhone 7 deal currently available on EE if you need a good data allowance and it’s only a hair more expensive over the length of the two year contract compared with the Vodafone deal. Total cost over 24 months is £1002.76

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Voucher code: IP7002

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