Updated: How to upgrade your PS4 and PS4 Slim hard drive


Games take up millions of times the data they used to back in the old days. Factor-in digital distribution becoming more common and that PS Plus gets you more ‘free’ games than most people can handle, and you’re probably already running out of space on your PS4 or PS3.

And if not, you will be soon. Thankfully, you can easily fix your storage woes by upgrading your console’s hard drive. Sony has also revealed two new versions of the PS4: the PlayStation 4 Slim and thePlayStation 4 Pro, and we’ll be including guides on how to replace the hard drives of those two consoles as well.

It’s far easier than you might imagine. Sony has done its best to avoid making it feel like tearing your system apart, as it does when you upgrade the hard drive on a desktop, or worse, a laptop.

Update: We’ve included steps for replacing the hard drive of the new PS4 Slim as well.

We’re going to take you through the process, step-by-step, as we upgrade the hard drive of our house PS4. Set aside 40 minutes and you can easily double or quadruple your console’s storage.

Along with this step-by-step guide, we’ve also produced a video that will show you everything you need to know about upgrading your PS4’s hard drive.